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Ben Nevis 21yo 1996 (52.8%, Various Independent Bottlers, Single & Single, Sherry cask, 500 Bts., 2018)
Johannes van den Heuvel, Nose: A powerful sherried profile with all the classic traits; wood, raisins, lemon sweets and fruit cake. Some dusty notes in the background that add to the complexity. A citrussy prickle in the top of the nose. More late summer fruits after adding a few drops of water. Hint of honey. Over time the citrus grows stronger. Taste: Very sippable at slightly over 50% ABV. Quite sweet with the faintest hint of smoke. Undiluted, it starts off powerdul, softening up a lot after a second. A very long, succulant finish. The palate benefits from a little water. No added complexity, but smoother with more pronounced tannins. Score: 88 points - this benefits from breathing in the glass - and will brobably improve in an opened bottle.
Macallan 25yo 1979/2005 (50%, Douglas Laing OMC, 331 Bts.)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Flowers, vanilla, lemon cheesecake and digestive biscuits. Palate: Malt biscuits, hint of citrus. Hot and a little coarse, not as refined as a 25yo should be. Finish: warm and slightly metallic. Comment; no obvious distillery character could have come from Craigelllachie, Linkwood or Glen Elgin.
Kavalan '"Solist" (Peaty Cask)' (54%, OB, for Whisky Live Paris,, C#R070507001, 114 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Rich, restrained smoke, some fruits. Complex. Concoction of dried fruits. Some organics like green juices.Lots of enriched sweet notes. Faint armpit sweat- that vanishes in a whiff.A dash of water enriches all the said notes.Dry almost like tannins. Very sweet and mild smoke returns on palate. some chlorine too and spicy. Finishes very long with some smoke. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Benriach 17yo 1998/2015 (48.9%, OB, for TWE, PX Sherry Finish., C#7758, 704 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Good organics on first note developing into dried fruits. Some butter scotch. Creamy.Excellent palate. Delicious but some what dry. Lovely satisfying long long finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Caol Ila 9yo 2004/2014 (58.5%, Gordon & MacPhail, For TWE, Refill Sherry Hogshead, C#30655)
Krishna Nukala, Restrained smoke and peat, some florals- after a gap of time, the peat and smoke intensify. Very briny,hemp cord. On palate- intense smoke and peat return with sweet and heavy oily notes- Big bomber of a peaty finish that is everlasting. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Laphroaig 16yo 1998/2015 (59.9%, Signatory Vintage, For TWE, Refill Sherry Butt, C#700389, 585 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Brilliantly enjoyable sweet smoke and peat. Sweet licorice- brine and hemp with lots of sea weed, iodine etc. Delicious. Lots of sweets and spices, Very smooth with an everlasting peaty and smoky finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Slaney Malt 23yo 1991/2015 (59%, Adelphi, Ireland, C#8585, 134 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Well made whisky. Nice fruity notes with quality wood from rear;nice vanilla notes like ice cream or butterscotch. Some green grass juices and organics. Excellent delicious palate. Very sweet and round, lovely finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Edradour 14yo 2000/2014 (56.8%, OB, For GI Jane, , C#2033, 674 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Sweet nose. Very rich and luxuriant. Complex sherries with lots of dried fruits. Hint of lactones like baby food. Demerara sugars. Very sweet, delicious, Round with complex fruits. Exceedingly long dried fruits finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Edradour 11yo 2002/2014 (58.5%, OB, For GI Jane, Sherry Butt, C#1211, 991 Bts., 50cl)
Krishna Nukala, Lots of sweet notes. Very fruity, almost like dry fruits. Complex. Good wood with varnish.lots of sweet fruit candies.Fudge.Malty like Ovaltine. Very mild smoke. With a few drops of water you get that old leather. Very complex palate. Very sweet and some spices. Fudge and other sweets return on palate with a bang. Exceedingly delicious and long long finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Bruichladdich 'OC1' (65.4%, Speciality Drinks, Elements of Islay, Octomore, 50cl)
Krishna Nukala, Tincture iodine. Lots of indoles. Fahrt like. On palate very sweet. All the nose characteristics return. Cinnamon finish with peat. Exceedingly long finish. Bold whisky! MMA 2015 blind tastings
Arran 9yo 2005/2015 (57.8%, OB, For LMdW, Sherry Hogshead, C#2005/037, 312 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Malty, lots of dark fruits jam, sherried, , mild smoke, On palate- very delicious, sweet and full bodied, lots of spices and dried coconut, Spicy long finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Drop of the Irish '"CS"' (59.9%, Blackadder, Black adder, C#DI 3/2015, 316 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Smells like young spirit right out of still. Lots of green juices- Synthetics- Reminds me like that Wasmund's match-stick whisky a few years ago. Very hot and spicy. Leaves with a bad mouth feeling. MMA 2015 blind tasting
Laphroaig 12yo 2002/2015 (50%, Douglas Laing, OMC Refill Butt, C#11511, 332 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Lovely smoke and peat. Heavily salted nose. With a gap of time, you get sweet sugar candies.Some indoles…Intense peat, smoke and kerosene finish that is everlasting. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Arran 18yo 1996/2015 (50.5%, The Single Malts of Scotland, Puncheon, C#896928, 624 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Nice smoke and lots of florals. Complex heavy nose. Lots of fruits. Heavy oils. Candied fruits,sweet smoke playing truant.Demerara sugars on palate, exceedingly sweet, smooth and mildly bitter finish that is very long. MMA 2015 Blind tastings
Finch (42%, Various Independent Bottlers, Hofgut Aglishard, White Wine, Sherry Pipe Finish, 729 Bts., 50cl)
Krishna Nukala, Unagreeable green grasses- lots of herbal and old fashioned ayurvedic medicines- Like that karakkai.- on close study, you get those raw cumin seeds - Whether this is Whisky at all? Looks like a whisky matured in a weird french wine cask. 2015 MMA blind tastings
Finch 2007/2015 'Barrique 8' (42%, Various Independent Bottlers, Hofgut Aglishard, 50cl)
Krishna Nukala, Excellent complex nose, good wood with varnish, sweet fruity notes,On palate- it is very agreeable. Very sweet and syrupy, more complexities. Round and nice spicy finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Amrut '"Peated"' (62.1%, Blackadder, BA Raw Cask, C#BA20/2015, 182 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Nondescript. But strong nose. Fresh and crispy. Faint smoke with a drop of water.Dry. Salty and almost like tannins. Very hot and spicy. Some smoke and peat on palate. Very hot and long finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings.
Benromach 10yo (43%, Gordon & MacPhail, for Jodi Best)
Krishna Nukala, Smoke, salty and peaty. Heavy complex and engine oil nose. Ashes and chalk. Lovely palate. Scores heily only for taste. Delicious. Brilliantly enjoyable whisky.MMA 2015 blind tasting
Speyburn 26yo 1988/2015 (52.3%, Berry Bros & Rudd, C#2114)
Krishna Nukala, Wet smoke. Heavy, rich nose. With salts. Nice lemony citrousy nose. Fennel and anise seed. Spicy, sweetish, in fact very sweet. Although not very long finish, but very enjoyable. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Bunnahabhain 26yo 1987/2014 (46%, Berry Bros & Rudd, C#2787)
Krishna Nukala, Bonfire smoke. Lots of esters. Like you get from the fermentation tank. Citrous and lemony notes. With few drops of water, it opens up into smoke bomb. Very round, full bodied, sweet and peaty. Very smooth and sweet long finish.MMA 2015 blind tastings
Glenfarclas 19yo 1994/2014 (58.7%, OB, Oloroso, C#3913 & 3914, 556 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Typical sherry bomber. Lots of oak wood.Dried fruits and oriental spices like cloves, nutmeg etc. Christmas cake with lots of nuts and dried fruits like, raisins, prunes and all other dark fruits. On palate it stars with some dryness. All the dried fruits return with an explosion. Exceedingly sweet with some tannins. Everlasting sherried finish . MMA 2015 blind tastings
Chieftain's Collection "Speyside" 22yo 1990/2012 (46%, Chieftain's, First Fill Sherry Butt, C#5162, 693 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Dried fruits concoction Spices like.Nutmegs, cloves and dried fruits like, plums, raisins and dates.Black currant jam,Bloody sweet and delicious fruits return on palate. Exceedingly long and finishes with lots of fruit jams. Exceptional whisky. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Clynelish 18yo 1996/2014 (52.7%, Various Independent Bottlers, Whisky Agency, Refill Butt, 360 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Bitter green grass juices. Mild bonfire smoke. With drops of water some complexities evolve. Fruity, Sugar candies. Dry palate. Very sweet. Round and smooth.Exceedingly delicious finish. MMA 2015 Blind tasting.
Santis 6yo '"Formosa"' (50.3%, OB, For Aren Trading Taiwan,Old Beer Cask, Sherry Finish)
Krishna Nukala, Cumin seeds,fennel, anise seeds etc…herbal like Ayurvedic medicine- Lovely palate. Very sweet and round bodied- is it a whisky or a chartreuse? Or some weird wine finished whisky? But funny and interesting.MMA 2015 blind tastings
Benriach 17yo '"Septendecim"' (46%, OB, Peated)
Krishna Nukala, Blatant peat and smoke. Lots of sweet esters in the rear. Creosote, burnt tar. Very sweet on palate. All the characteristics mentioned on nose return on palate. Very long smoky and peaty finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Caol Ila 25yo 1990/2015 (54.3%, Wilson & Morgan, Oloroso Finish, C#4707&4708, 529 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Strongly phenolic- Lots of peat and smoked fruits. Cardboard smoke.salt licorice etc. On palate- very full bodied. Sweet and bitter and spicy Very long peat and smoke finish (MMA 2015 blind tasting)
Clynelish 18yo 1997/2015 (53.3%, Wilson & Morgan, Tokaji Wood Finish, C#6493)
Krishna Nukala, Excellent varnish with nice organics. Lots of green juices. Herbal etc. Sweet sugar candies and evolving into florals. With few drops of water we get creamy vanilla ice cream.Lovely palate. Very nice and round. Delicious sweets and organics returning on finish in a big way. Mild smoke too. (MMA 2015 blind tasting)
Kavalan ''Solist'' (57.1%, OB, Life Whisky tasting Club TW, Sherry Cask, C#S081229025, 511 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Brilliant dark fruits- raspberries, black currant and dried fruits. On palate- very sweet and crème vanilla, some tanning backed with oak wood. Exceedingly long and satisfying finish- It is Sherry Bomber (MMA 2015 blind tasting)
Kavalan ''Solist'' (55.6%, OB, For Whisky Luxe TW, Sherry Cask, C#S081229026, 527 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Rich dried fruits evolve slowly, this is not a rushing whisky, some organics and salt licorice,and pickles- Outstanding palate,delicious, sweet and spices, Long spicy and mild smoky finish. Exceptional whisky (MMA 2015 blind tasting)
Kavalan ''Solist'' (57.1%, OB, For Asia Palate Association,, C#S081229020, 526 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Super rich, luxuriant nose. Lots of sherry and dried fruits. Very sweet nose. Rum and raisins, dates, Figs etc. Dry on palate- exceedingly delicious, all the dried fruits return on palate. Very long and fruity finish (MMA 2015 blind tasting notes)
Kavalan ''Solist'' (56.3%, OB, For Asia Palate Association, Sherry Cask, C#S081229019, 522 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Rich, luxuriant sherried nose. Lots of dried fruits like dates, raisins, prunes figs etc. Delicious!! Very smooth and exceedingly drinkable. Lots of dried fruits return on palate. Some organics and green juices in the finish (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Benriach 35yo (42.5%, OB)
Krishna Nukala, Wet bonfire smoke. Dried Coconut notes, complex fruits. With a dash of water, dried fruits like raisins, dates etc evolve. Some vanilla, cup cake. Very delicious honeyed palate. Crisp, palate. Looks like a finely distilled spirit from a tall still. (MMA 2015 Blind tasting)
Glendronach 11yo 2003/2014 (55.3%, OB, For Aroma TW, PX Sherry Puncheon, C#4006, 690 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Rich, complex nose. Vitamin B complex syrup.Multiple sweet fruit candies. Barley sugar.... Dry on palate. Very sweet and delicious, smooth as velvet, Exceedingly long and sweet finish. Brilliant whisky (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Glendronach 21yo 1993/2014 (53.6%, OB, For Aroma Taiwan, Oloroso Sherry Butt, C#479, 542 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Sherry Bomber. Lots of dried fruits, spices and black coffee. Excellent sherried nose. On palate- very sweet and full bodied. The dried fruits concoction returns with display of oaky tannins and crème of vanila. Exceedingly long finish with highly sherried finish. (MMA 2015 blind tasting)
Benriach 20yo 1994/2014 (54.7%, OB, OB for Aroma TW, Oloroso Butt, Peated, C#808, 678 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Beautiful Islay malt. Lovely peat and smoke- not that blatant type. Very rich like Lagavulin.Heavy, oily, salt licorice, Hemp and lots of coastal notes. On palate definitely salty, very full bodied with lots of oomph..Excellent long, peaty finish. Definitely a Lagavulin.(MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Glendronach 21yo 1993/2014 (56.4%, OB, Kenny Hsu Collection TW, Oloroso Sherry Butt, C#477, 589 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Very sherried fruity nose. Lots of dried fruits. Dark fruits jam like black berries, currants etc. Very dry, coffee etc. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Macallan ''Remix'' (58.9%, OB, Special Asian Release, 500 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, You get those all kinds of dried fruits nose that you expect with this colour of whisky, blatantly sherried, dark fruits jams, dates and sultanas,dried prunes, Oriental spices like cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. On palate - it is simply delicious, nectar meant for gods- Unbelievably good stuff. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Chichibu 2011/2015 ''The Peated (Cask Strength)'' (62.5%, Number One Drinks, 5980 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Nicely peated. Lots of salty briny notes. Sea breeze. Coal tar. Some citrus notes and organics.Wet hemp. Some sweet florals after some time. This is very enjoyable. Dry. Equally good on palate. Verys weet, smooth and peaty finish. Excellent whisky (MMA 2015 Blind tastings)
Cardhu 18yo (40%, OB)
Krishna Nukala, Lots of organics. Vegetal matter. Oily and heavy nose with wet smoke in the rear coming late. On palate- very sweet and agreeable. Very smooth but mildly spicy. Very enjoyable finish which is long.(MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Glendullan 38yo ''Singleton'' (59.8%, OB, Special Release, 3756 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Nice wood with varnish.This is complex. Rich and heavy nose. Lots of stewed fruits and fruit candies.Some kind of herbal notes like Chartreuse. Burnt caramel. Develops into dried fruits like dates and raisins. Some oriental spices like cumin. On palate, little saltiness, lots of body and spices, very sweet and long spicy finish. Excellent whisky.(MMA 2015 blind tasting)
Singleton of Dufftown 18yo (40%, OB)
Krishna Nukala, Waxy. Some odd smoke.Orange peels like.stewed fruits.Some bitter notes. With a dash of water you get fresh laundry and some chlorine like notes. On palate you get some lactones mild bitters and some weets. Long finish with organics. (MMA 2015 blind tasting)
Singleton of Glen Ord (40%, OB, Reserve Collection Series)
Krishna Nukala, Typical text book nose. Very enjoyable- fruity and a bit of florals accompanied by fresh crispy notes like freshly brought laundry.Give time and it evolves into more complex, heavy fruity notes. Some salt licorice etc. On palate- sweet week syrup with mild spices. Quite enjoyable- not a big finish. Mild smoke at the very end.(MMA 2015 blind tasting)
Kavalan ''Solist'' (58.6%, OB, Sherry Cask, C#S060904024, 551 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Fruits concoction. Cinnamon and cloves.Dried fruits like raisins and christmas cake. Lots of dried fruits return on palate. Very sweet, smooth and long lasting. A sherried monster (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Benriach 18yo 1996/2014 (54.4%, OB, For Asia Palate Association, PX Sherry Finish, C#4521, 717 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Mild smoke and lots of sherried notes. Cedar wood. Very sweetish nose with cooked fruits and multiple fruit candies.Very sweet and little salty. Delicious. Exceedingly long honeyed finish. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Kavalan ''Solist'' (56.3%, OB, OB for Asia Palate Association, C#S081229018, 522 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Typical sherried whisky that has been long aged in a sherry cask.Lots of dried fruits, raisins, dates, etc. some spices like cinnamon and cloves. Rum and raisin cake.Burnt top of a Plum cake. Umm… Exceedingly delicious, You want more and more of this. The pleasure is unending. (MMA 2015 blind tasting notes)
Ballechin 11yo (56.1%, La Maison du Whisky, Trilogy, Manzanilla cask, C#277)
Krishna Nukala, Some meaty stuff with complexities.With a dash of water you get that aviation fuel,Mildly peated.Dry, round and smooth on palate. Heavy smoke and peaty finish that is long, long, long. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Ledaig 10yo 2004/2015 (60.4%, La Maison du Whisky, Artist #5, Sherry Butt, C#900179, 588 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Aviation fuel.Enjoyable peat and smoke. Lots of cooked/stewed fruits in the rear.Salty nose character of a Port Ellen.Dry fruits like raisins, dates etc. Dry-like tannins. Lots of sweet complexities, spices and organics. Very lingering and long peaty finish with spices. Brilliant whiskey. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Amrut ''Spectrum'' (50%, OB, Bourbon, Hand Crafted 5 Wood, 1000 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Showing class of a highly aged whisky. Rich, complex. Lots of dried fruits- Dates, raisins, figs etc. . Old leather pouch holding cured leaf tobacco. Beef stock. Very meaty. Fennel and anise seed. You can go on describing this stuff. OH, my god!! What is this whisky? All characteristics of nose reappearing on palate.Unbelievably good whisky. Out of the world. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Tomatin ''Cask Strength Edition'' (57.5%, OB)
Krishna Nukala, Weird smoke and sour wine. Lots of bitter notes. Heavy nose. Very salty and sweet. Full bodied. Good balance on palate. Holds well with lots of organics. Far better palate than nose. Excellent whisky. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Tomatin 14yo (46%, OB, Port wood Finish)
Krishna Nukala, Fruity with mild lactones, Nice palate- very round and smooth- lots of sweets, very smooth, with organics and a very nice finish. ( MMA 2015 blind tasting notes)
Longrow 12yo ''REd Pinot Noir'' (52.9%, OB, 11Y Bourbon casks, 9000 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Sweet Coconut candies! Mild Smoke and peat.Copra. Ah, I get that asafetida after all!. Heavy complex notes. Trying to get more complexities with time, but they don’t evolve. Nevertheless,an excellent nose proving it to be a very well made whisky! On palate- Good body, full mouth- lots of organics on palate. Very long and full bodied satisfying finish. (MMA 2015 Blind tasting notes)
Royal Brackla 30yo 1984/2015 (54.1%, Cadenhead's, Bourbon Hogshead, 192 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Brilliant smoky nose- Like Smoke coming out of wet bonfire. Lots of organics. Several sweet and fruity notes playing underneath the smoke. Coffee Toffee and other fruit lozenges.Some wet chalk. After long time you get those sweet oriental, intoxicating floral notes like the Frangipani/ canon ball flower etc. On palate- Sweet syrup, excellent, full delicious feeling. Mild chalkiness with green peppers.Excellent smoky and spicy finish. (MMA 2015 blind tasting)
Glendronach 21yo ''Parliament'' (48%, OB, Oloroso & PX Sherry Casks)
Krishna Nukala, Complex saltiness- heavy and oily- Very enjoyable some smoke and peat like that of Lagavulin. Salt Licorice. Heavily pickled. With a gap of time some dried fruits also evolve indicating a sherry cask maturation. Brilliant palate. Very sweet and delicious. Lots of organics on finish that is very loooong. Brilliantly made whisky. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Carsbridge 38yo 1976/2015 (55.8%, Signatory Vintage, SV for LMdW, Hogshead, C#130950, 184 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Sweet nose with nice varnish.Fruity. And florals, heather,Fennel or aniseed. Exceedingly sweet, delicious, some herbal notes (like Chartreuse) on palate. Lovely Armagnac like finish. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Lagavulin 16yo (43%, OB)
Krishna Nukala, Horse stables. Peat and smoke. Sweet on nose. Wet chalk. Almost like Lagavulin. Nice, round, medicinal sweetness on palate. Long peaty finish (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
The English Whisky Co. 7yo 2007/2015 (63.5%, Blackadder, BA Sauternes Cask, C#804, 224 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Lots of lactones. Dried coconut.coconut-palm sugar candies.Burnt biscuit- Dry on palate. So sweet that it hurts the teeth. Lactones return on palate. Exceedingly long finish. Funny whisky. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Ballechin 11yo 2004/2015 (54.6%, OB, For Vintage Wines, Heavily peated, manzanilla sherry cask, C#270)
Krishna Nukala, Typical Islay stuff. Lagavulin or caol Ila. Lots of sea salt and briny notes. Kippers,, pickles, with a dash of water, more pickles and salty notes come out. Lots of dried fruits too. On palate- it is like hospital corridor, very medicinal,dry, long spicy, peaty and smoky finish. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Ballechin 10yo (46%, OB, Heavily peated, Bourbon & Oloroso)
Krishna Nukala, Beautiful smoke and peat.Heavy salts, like brine. Sea breeze accompanied by sweet fruity notes in the rear. With a drop of water we get fresh florals, pears, water melon etc. Very round, full bodied. Sweet with all the peat and smoke coming back on palate. Heavy peated finish. (MMA 2015 Blind tastings)
Ballechin ''#8'' (46%, OB, Sauternes Hogsheads, Heavily Peated)
Krishna Nukala, Something beefy about this stuff. Smoked bacon. Mild lactones., sour butter milk. On palate- very cold feeling. Very sweet accompanied by hints of smoke. Very good mouthfeel, finished with long smoky and peaty finish. Excellent whisky. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Edradour 21yo 1993/2015 (51.2%, OB, Sauternes Cask Finish, C#8/737/2, 293 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Quality complex nose. Very fruity.Stewed apples with faint hints of smoke, with a drop of water you get all kinds of dried fruits.Very enjoyable nose.Some lactones after rest. More lactones on palate. Dry and spicy accompanied by lots of sweets. Excellent quality whisky. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Edradour 15yo ''Fairy Flag'' (46%, OB, Ex Bourbon and min 7 years in Oloroso)
Krishna Nukala, Highly fruity, sherried nose. Vitamin B complex. Syrup. Some dried fruits like zests or sugar orange candies. Do I get a whiff of smoke? OH, this is complex. Some spices like cloves and cinnamon too. On palate - dry. But in the end palate not matching the nose. Expected a lot on palate but disappointed. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Edradour 10yo 2004/2015 (55.9%, OB, Sherry Butt, C#443, 980 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, At last some complexities, Some coffee toffee and a few dry fruits like dates and raisins.On palate big salt and sweet licorice, Very dry and sherried characteristics- Long& fruity, big finish. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Glenlivet 19yo 1995/2015 (58.1%, Signatory Vintage, Signatory CS selection, Sherry Butt, C#166951, 526 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Very complex nose.Lots of stewed fruits, dry fruits like raisins, figs etc.some smoke and wood. Brilliant palate. Lots of honey and spices. Brilliant finish with smoke and honey drops. MMA 2015 Blind tasting notes.
Aberlour 'A'bunath Batch 50' (59.6%, OB, Oloroso Sherry Butts)
Krishna Nukala, Very interesting nose.Some Sandal or cedar wood. Mild bitter chocolate from rear.Lovely sweet fruity notes. Excellent, sweet and full bodied palate. Very delicious and long spicy finish. A Quality whisky. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Glenlivet ''Nadurra batch No, OLO 614'' (60.7%, OB, First Fill Oloroso)
Krishna Nukala, Dried coconut notes,mild smoke,, oily notes on nose., Palate is far better than nose, very delicious, sweet and spices. Very long finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings.
Amrut 5yo 2010/2015 (56.5%, OB, Excl. for Taiwan, Oloroso sherry, C#3823, 600 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Old leather and tobacco,, some classy fruity notes too.Some good delicious smoke with stewed fruits and meaty notes like bacon.On palate- Outstanding, delicious sweet honeyed smoky syrupy taste. Exceedingly complex whisky.Marvelous long but mild smoky finish. (MMA 2015 blind tastings)
Amrut 4yo 2011/2015 (59%, OB, OB for Whisky-L TW 2015, Port Pipe, C#C-2714-A, 380 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Class apart nose! Smoke and sherried combination.. Lively notes of peat too. Lots of stewed fruits. Some beef stock and smoked ham. With time the beefiness and ham notes increase. You are almost tempted to eat the liquid!. Is it a Benriach emulating an Islay! On palate- Brilliant! Spices and smoke- sweets interplay .Excellent mouthfeel full, round and rich. Long, spicy everlasting finish (Blind tasting notes MMA 2015)
Tullibardine 10yo (40%, OB, +/-1985)
Craig Daniels, Nose: fruity and some toffee and honey, whiff of cellophane, maybe a hint of smoke, then charcoal. Palate: warm and fruity and both smoky and spicy, warming dried fruits Finish: leather, smoke and fruit and charcoal. Comment; It's the kind of whisky that gets better in the glass. It has a nice mouthfeel and some smokey/charcoal notes.
Saint Magdalene 1980/1995 (40%, G&M Centenary Reserve)
Craig Daniels, This has been in my cupboard in a box for nearly 20 years. I don't recall the last time I tried it but it must have been around 1997. Nose: Honey and must, some straw, a faint hint of sweet sherry and a whiff of smoke. Palate: Bit thin and a bit dusty, some watery honey and some leather and some bandages and bandaids. Finish: some white rubber (Staedler/Pelikan)erasers and some slightly burnt honeycomb. Comment: I have no idea where my notes for this whisky are from 1997 but my score would be the same. The white eraser note and the burnt notes aren't great, but I can't say that this is OBE or heat strike.
Springbank 32yo 1967 (44.6%, Cadenhead's Chairman's Stock, Chairman's Stock, Sherrywood, 228 Bts., 70cl, 1999*)
Ho-cheng Yao, Yellow color, mild, honey, herbal, very nice. Malty sweet. a good example of old good sherry cask.
Springbank 12yo (46%, OB, Green thistle, +/-1995)
Ho-cheng Yao, Brown color, quite dark in color, lots sherry influence. plum earthy, cake, old malt, chocolate. quite matured, toffee palate, very sweet and lingering long. Very nice expression as a core range product.
Chichibu 2008/2011 'The First' (61.8%, OB, 7400 Bts., 700ml)
Craig Daniels, Nose; hot and spiky, with marshmallows and honey, some fruit syrup. Palate; slightly hot and creamy, more honey and then some mixed spice and nutmeg. Finish: warm and slightly spiky. Comment: Just too young and hot to score more.
Ardbeg 'AuriVerdes' (49.9%, OB, NAS, 70cl, 2014)
Rich Howard, the nose starts off on freshly cut wood, charred oak, barbecue sauce, cumin, field grasses, and a distant farminess with hints of manure, cut through with the "sweetness" of strong cider and lingering notes of mocha and vanilla. the palate is drying, with soot and ashes, quite spicy with cinnamon and nutmeg, plenty of wood tannins, with apple peel and strong cider, and no shortage of classic Ardbeg herbal notes on the finish. it's a bit chaotic... don't expect much integration with this one. a few drops of water dampens both the ash and the earth on the nose, and brings out a light, fruity sweetness... fresh cut strawberries, still hints of sweet vanilla against a distant backdrop of barbecue sauce (a bit like the Alligator in that way, now that i think about it...), and still those cider-ish and butyric notes on the tail. the palate is initially a bit sweeter now, mostly on simple sugars, before moving quickly onto quite some gingery notes, green tea and tree bark. with even more water, the nose settles into more of the mocha and coffee notes, which is nice, but the palate gets increasingly herbal (much like the Ardbog), of which i'm personally not a fan. for my tastes, this presents best as bottled. i just don't like where it goes with water.
Scapa 1985/1995 (40%, G&M)
Craig Daniels, Nose: varnish, honey, fresh linen, stone dust and ginger. Palate: honey and ginger, some slightly burnt wood and roasted nuts. Finish: dry ginger and drying wood, a little bit dusty; warming.
Inverleven 1984 (40%, G&M, 1990's)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Orange blossom water with an odd sour wood note, very grainy, some linseed. Palate; bland and thin, some light machine oil and artificial orange. Finish: Reprises that odd mix of faux orange and sourish wood. Comment; retasted Dec 2014. Strange stuff.
Glenmorangie 'Signet' (46%, OB, 2008)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Initially wine gums, raisins and dates then lots of citrus (candied orange peel, mandarins and blood orange). Palate; Christmas cake, glaced cherries and orange, some cocoa, sweet and creamy. Finish: dried peel, some biscuit dough and cream. Comment: seamless and classy, elegant and refined, while having plenty of flavour and depth.
Talisker 'Port Ruighe' (45.8%, OB, NAS, 70cl, 2013*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Pretty typical Talisker, with some wine gums and some unusual pickled ginger. Slightly sweeter and more mellow than the standard 10.
Isawa 10yo (43%, OB, 500ml, 2012*)
Craig Daniels, Very odd nose - dry cleaning fluid and kerosene. Rest of the package is OK, but that nose is off-putting
Glenlossie 17yo 1981 (59%, Adelphi, C#1679)
Krishna Nukala, Tasted at Pete Silver's place. Brilliant dark colour. Luscious dark fruits galore. Raisins, apricots, dry prunes- excellent mouth feel matched by delicious taste of dark fruits. Long, everlasting finish. Top notch whisky.
Dufftown-Glenlivet 8yo (40%, OB, 70 Pr., OB, Black & Red Label, 1982*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Hazelnut, praline, honey, some sour and dirty honey, some wet wool and some cardboard. A dusting of toffee and leathery fudge. Slightly hot and the spirit has burnt characteristics like a lot of grain heavy blended whiskies. Palate: Burnt toffee, silky grain some syrup, slightly sour/tannic and slightly burnt. Finish: Initially lots of syrup and then lightly sour, then burnt and warming. Lots of grain character. Comment: In the days when I first started scoring whiskies, this whisky was one of the first I ever tried and I wasn't all that impressed. But it's taken the last 30 years to work out why. It's not a great single malt because it performs like a half-way decent blend of the same epoch. Note: I've tried this whisky over about seven times since 1991. It's never been great and it's not going to get better in the bottle.
Ardbeg 'Supernova' (55%, OB, NAS, SN2014 Committee Release, 750ml, 2014)
Ho-cheng Yao, Light yellow, very peaty, iodine, icy-hot, medical, quite robust and light body, grassy, root, medium short finish. quite lingering. quite easy and should be good with some water. (and ice probably), better than I remember.
Glen Scotia 8yo (40%, OB, +/-1980)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Light machine oil, floral honey, meadow flowers, some sump-oil blackened steel, some petrochemicals & charcoal; both sweet and subtly smokey. The flowers/perfume, honey and charcoal tend to dominate. Palate: oily, rich, briny/salty and fudgy. Some ginger and some smudgepot; some peat but quite restrained. Finish: warming with toffee and some drying wood and some metallic bitters. Reprise of smoke. Quite long. Comments: At least 22 years since I tasted this version last. I bought this one at an auction about two years ago. It was in pristine condition. A much more savoury, richer and more interesting whisky than I was expecting. The mouth feel at 40% is an object lesson for modern distillers.
Blair Athol 'Over 8yo' (40%, OB, Blue Crest, Mid 1980's)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Straw, a little bit of spirit. Some soap and perfume, hints of vanilla and fudge, maybe Turkish delight or rosewater, fragrant, eau de cologne which gets stronger the longer in the glass. Palate: honey, butterscotch and buttered toast and some astringency, some wood bitters, quite grainy. Finish: more perfume and something slightly dirty burnt and hot. Lingering warmth and a slightly burnt character and a perfumy character, some sour grain especially retronasally.
Balvenie 'TUN 1509 Batch No.1' (47.1%, OB, NAS, 750ml, 2014)
Rich Howard, the nose initially starts off on the lightest hints of berry, before moving almost immediately to a big, bourbon-y vanilla, spicy citrus, hints of clover honey, nutmeg and the slightly sourish smell of those orange circus peanut candies, which i often ate as a child, but never really liked. unfortunately, the sourish note is somewhat distracting, and after time threatens to dominate. the palate hits with a burst of sweet and spicy orange citrus, fresh berries, cinnamon and nutmeg, but moves very quickly to strong wood tannins, quite some oak here, with a long finish on slightly sourish wood. water rescues the nose somewhat... it's simpler now, with gentle orange creme and clover honey, hints of barley sugar, and the sourish wood notes have moved into the background. the palate is sweeter as well, still the spicy citrus, quite some tannins, still presenting as cinnamon and nutmeg, and the slightly off woody notes take longer to emerge on the finish, and dominate a bit less. to my palate, this is a bit heavy on the wood, and there's a stave or two in one of the casks that didn't sit quite right. water is required, but can only do so much.
Port Askaig Harbour 19yo (45.8%, The Whisky Exchange, 2011)
Craig Daniels, Colour; pale straw. Nose: sweet peat and citrus, carbolic and phenols, light machine oil, peanut butter and charred lemon. Palate: sweet, smoky and slightly oily. Finish: sweet, citrusy and smoky, some fresh fireplace ashes, lingering charred citrus. Comment: A whisky that grows on you, becomes more complex over time. Doesn't like water all that much; gets some artificial sweetener like aspartame or saccharine.
An Cnoc 12yo (40%, OB, 2010*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: straw and meadow flowers, rose petals which hang around and finally tarragon/liquorice root. Palate: drier than expected, quite flinty, but with manuka honey. Finish: dries off with some straw and metal. Comment: Pleasant, well made with lots of floral character.
Redbreast 12yo (40%, OB, Pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey, 2010*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Grassy and creamy, touches of oloroso sherry, crème caramel, lots of coconut that builds in the glass. Palate: sweet, creamy with both sherry and a little bit of leather. Finish: soft smooth and short.
Bushmills 16yo (40%, OB, Bourbon and Oloroso casks, then finished in Port Casks, 700ml, 2013*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: sherry and fruitcake,some slightly sour notes. Palate: cream sherry and some underlying grassiness, some mixed berries. Finish: sweet, velvety, then some slight astringency. Comments: Pleasant enough, but the wood cloaks any Irish character.
Ardbeg 'Supernova' (55%, OB, NAS, SN2014 Committee Release, 750ml, 2014)
Rich Howard, after capping the glass for a few minutes, the nose starts off on tar, wood smoke, hemp rope… underneath all that, the sweetness of burnt marshmallows. this all transitions almost immediately to a full infusion of mezcal but with an undercurrent of wood smoke, almost like a smoky tequila, complete with a hint of fresh lime and a whiff of fresh field grasses. this remains as the dominant aromatic profile. the palate is brisk and strong, with coal tar, ash, charred embers, rope and a handful of cough drop herbs on the finish. water tames the mezcal a bit on the nose, leaving herbal and grassy notes, old cotton denim, fresh cashews and roasted, salted almonds. once again, after a few minutes, the mescal returns to the fore. the palate is even more fiery now, still very herbal, and very ashy and tarry at the same time, with unsweetened dark chocolate and loads of chili pepper, nutmeg and fresh cinnamon throughout. i can find the sweetness in almost any whisky, but i can find little to none here; it is all smoke, tar, wood, spices and herbs. a fairly unforgiving dram, and a bit unbalanced. while firmly in the style of previous releases, it presents much younger, and seems to lack a little depth and substance. this release also owes much too much of its profile to the mezcal character. a good dram, probably a very good dram if you really like your tequila. the nose is better with water, the palate much better without.
Edradour 10yo (40%, OB, 2010*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: lots of sherry and slightly off-key, sour cherries and cardboard, slightly astringent. Palate: salt a little sulphur and then hard candy and some mixed berry jam. Finish: sugary to start then gets slightly sour. Comment: some odd notes throughout and the sherry wood isn't all that great.
Highland Park 17yo 1990 (54.1%, Art of Whisky, C#10230)
Ho-cheng Yao, Flora, quite herbal, light very grassy. light soap ending.
Highland Park 18yo 1988 (60.2%, Various Independent Bottlers, Bennachie Scotch Whisky Company, Sherry Cask, Square Bottle, C#11920, 492 Bts., 2006*)
Ho-cheng Yao, Quite sherry, plum, robust, very oil. rich and good, only the ending not so good.
Highland Park 15yo 'Loki' (48.7%, OB, Valhalla Collection, 2013*)
Ho-cheng Yao, Quite sweet, malty, with clear smokiness, robust with power.
Old Pulteney 17yo (46%, OB, 2011*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: coconut cream, pina colada, cherries, white chocolate. Palate: sour cherries, dark chocolate, then a creaminess. Finish: creamy with light fruit bitters and more white chocolate.
Lagavulin 1995/2011 'Distillers Edition' (43%, OB, PX finish, lgv 4/499)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Smoke and sherry, smoked rosewater. Palate: sweet and smoky, fruity, sour cherries then rubber. Finish: smoked fruit, raspberries, ashes and roses. Comment: Not the best DE, but still pretty damn fine.
Longrow 11yo 'Red' (53.7%, OB, 6yrs refill bourbon, then 5yrs Australian Shiraz casks, 9000 Bts., 70cl, 2013*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Vanilla and smoked paprika, some ointment, coconut, then fruity (strawberries and cream) Palate: smoked plums, smoked rose petals and some sour fruit leather, lots of grip. Finish: warming, smoky and with some astringency. Comment: much better integrated than the Cab Sauv sibling. This time the wine,spirit and peat work well together to create a harmonious whole.
Longrow 11yo 'Red' (52.1%, OB, 7y refill bourbon & 4y Cabernet Sauvignon, 9000 Bts., 2012*)
Craig Daniels, Nose: fruit and capsicum, barnyard and compost. Palate: slightly sour and musty then red liquorice and a underlying earthiness. Finish: warming, waxy and oily. Comment: there are some clashes between some of the components that lead to a bit of a disconnect.
Dalwhinnie 1990/2005 'Distillers Edition' (43%, OB, Oloroso finish, 2005)
Craig Daniels, Nose: liquorice, toffee, baked apples and cream. Palate; Toffee with candied ginger. Finish; Crème caramel, toffee and coconut - slightly metallic. Comment: somehow this came across as an archetypal Speyside whisky. I didn't notice much sherry influence.
Laphroaig 15yo 1998/2013 (60.8%, Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Collection for The Whisky Exchange, D22/09/'98 B23/09/13, Refill Sherry Butt, C#700393, 551 Bts., 70cl)
Ho-cheng Yao, Brown color, very peaty, lots smoke, gun powder, heavy sherry. matured tropical fruit, raisin, mango. apple. boggy. quite robust and heavy body.
Springbank 36yo 1969/2005 (57.3%, Chieftain's, refill Fino Sherry, Dis. 04/'69, Btl. 09/'05, C#793, 540 Bts., 70cl)
Ho-cheng Yao, Yellow color, quite some fruity and floral nose, orange, white flower, cherry, sugar sweet, quite elegant and nice. medium light body, medium short finish. nose is better than pallet, enjoyable.
Laphroaig 15yo 1985/2000 (50%, Douglas Laing OMC, Laudable, 318 Bts.)
Ho-cheng Yao, Light yellow color, comparing not so peaty, grain, herbal, light fruit(more like citrus and pear), quite meaty actually. palate got more smokiness. comparing easy one. an old Laphroaig style, not so active wood.
Ardbeg 7yo 1998/2006 '33.62' (58.0%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, 'Unique Perfection', D05/'98 B01/'06, 865 Bts., 70cl)
Ho-cheng Yao, Brown color, quite peaty with clear gun powder note. lot's grain with dried fruit, slightly raisin and plum, palate got lot's sulfur. must be sherry cask. comparing matured as a 7yo whisky. interesting
Ledaig 15yo 1998/2013 (62.2%, Blackadder Raw Cask for Vin & Vin Hjorring, C#800030, 36 Bts., 750ml)
Rich Howard, the nose starts off vegetal and grassy, with sweet vanilla cream, dry leaves, a hint of fresh tree bark, beach sand and a waft of sea air, and a very sweet smoke, almost as if someone made a butterscotch incense... ending back on wet peat. the palate is likewise sweet and smoky, following the nose closely. a bit spicy with a dash of black pepper, the smoke lingers in the mouth before giving way to slightly sourish peat water, wet leaves and herbs, finally ending on a lovely tannic oakiness that lingers for some time. with water, the vegetal notes clear a bit, and the sweet cream and butterscotch have now merged, leaving a clean smoke to drift in the background, hints of fresh linen and old paper now as well. the palate is actually less sweet, and more fiery, quite a bit of pepper, smoke and toasted oak. a little more water gets you quite close to the peated barley, but you start to lose some of the nuances. very drinkable. quite sweet, but perfectly balanced by bitter herbs.
Glendronach 18yo 1984/2012 (56.6%, OB for Kenny Hsu's Selection, Taiwan, D28/01/'94 B12/'12, Oloroso Sherry Butt, C#68, 621 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, A bit winey nose here, dark sugars also. Tannins. Some spent matches, but not in disturbing amounts. Dark chocolate. Thick sherry inspired taste here. Orangey, rich. Dates, raisin. Some spent matches in the aftertaste also. Big whisky for sure.
Aberlour 'A'bunadh Batch #45' (60.2%, OB, NAS, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Quite some spicy dark fruits in there. On dates. Lively and invigorating. A bit rummish? Wow, quite a mouthful this one. Huge on dark fruits, the whole compote. Faultless and evil, not for the faint of heart.
Aberlour 12yo 'Double Cask Matured' (43%, OB, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Rather laid-back style on candied mandarins, sweet-sourly maltiness and some barbecue spices. Taste pretty much as expected. An easy-going easy-to-drink mandarin style. Sweet and enjoyable.
Glenlivet 18yo (43%, OB, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Compact, laid-back nose. Some sugared oranges, but a bit difficult to decipher. Equally difficult taste to decipher. Compact, some darker maltiness. Not bad but difficult to describe.
Peat Monster '10th Anniversary Edition' (48.9%, Compass Box, NAS, 70cl, 2013)
Robert Karlsson, Nice fat smoky vanilla-style here. Not overly buttery or thick, just potent and coastal. Nice fresh citrusy style also. Not bad, and not exactly unique either. With water it gets a bit dark, sootier. Taste in full balance with a sligthly rough smoky coastal style. White pepperyness in the aftertaste and a bit oily. Sooty and enjoyable. Saffron at the very end (a bit surprisingly).
Teeling Whiskey Co. 21yo 'Vintage Reserve' (46%, Various Independent Bottlers, Single Malt Irish Whiskey, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Dark sooty smokiness, tobacco, leather, alongside lots of berry influence and heather. Very intense, quite nice indeed. Thick vanilla. Very interesting (and good) nose. The sootiness continues in the taste. And the ripe red berries also. This is a really special (and tasty) whisky. Wonder what it can be... I want a case!
Paddy 7yo 'Centenary Edition' (43%, OB, Pure Pot Still, 700ml, 2013)
Robert Karlsson, Thick nose, compact. On honeyed maltiness, mandarin peels. Grows on blackcurrants with time. Malt also present in the taste, but distinct berries of the blackcurrant wild strawberry kind appears immediately. The blackcurrant style grows especially in the aftertaste. Oily and intriguing.
Black Snake 'Vat No.1 - First Venom' (59.1%, Blackadder, B11/'12, Sherry Butt, 390 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Nice fruity exotic fruity vanilla. Excellent! On papaya, eucalyptus. Lively. So fruity and lively taste also. Yummy and easy to drink for sure.
Bowmore 16yo 1997/2013 (56.1%, Riverstown, D13/06/'97 B08/'13, C#2013-205, 251 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Quite some oily pretty oomphy peat smoke in here. Of the coastal vanillaish kind. Pretty refreshing, yet some berries and vanilla in there also. Excellent taste on the pure white smokiness, berries, pristine and refreshing. Not bad anywhere. White peppery aftertaste, oily despite it's freshness. Moreish.
Bladnoch 21yo 1991/2012 (54.9%, Riverstown, D04/'91 B07/'12, C#2012-123, 296 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, A bit on the dry restrained style at first. Some dark bread, tendrils of tobacco. Darkish. Red dried fruits. Big, a bit unexpected, powerful taste. On tobacco and big potent spices. Cloves, cured meat. Peppery. Quite a mouthful really.
Ben Nevis 16yo 1996/2012 (54.8%, Riverstown, D03/'96 B06/'12, C#2012-122, 392 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, A rather non-descript nose at first, compact, on malt. With water it turns considerbly fruitier. On a sugared citrusy style that unfortunately disappears again with time. Potent malty lively sweetness. Clean crisp malty style. Peppery aftertaste.
Amrut (63%, Blackadder Raw Cask, B06/'13, Peated, C#BA18/2013, 268 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Nice darker fruits amidst (good) hardbread at first, then it's more on christmasy suryp bread. Intriguing sourly sooty smoke in there also. Yammy berries arrive with time. Taste immediately on a rather excellent berried smokiness. Round, sweet, sooty and so drinkable.
Amrut (62.3%, Blackadder Raw Cask, B06/'13, Sherry Cask, C#BA17/2013, 236 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Clementines, apricots? Oranges, lots of interesting fruits. Canned figs? And good spices on top. Taste is darker than expected, almost smoky, but still not. Earthy? No, perhaps if the earth is outside a coal mine. Interestingly the fruits arrive mainly in the aftertaste. And then in a darker variety. Not bad, intriguing and a little odd whisky this one.
Clynelish 15yo 1997/2012 (57%, Blackadder Raw Cask, D17/05/'97 B09/'12, C#5724, 230 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Darker styled sherrywood influence. Though not of the monster-style, at all. More elegant. Well-balanced. Succulent raisin, figs. Big intense taste, bigger than the nose for sure. Sweet oily mouthfeel. The raisin continues long in the aftertaste. No offnotes that I can find. Me like.
Blairfindy 16yo 1997/2013 (56.2%, Blackadder Raw Cask, D05/03/'97 B08/'13, Sherry Cask Finish, C#BF2013-2, 287 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Laid-back kind vanilla notes, rather restrained nose. With time it grows on a musty maltiness. Taste on fuller vanilla, still quite quickly drier maltiness and pepperiness appear. Not too complicated this one. Strong.
Bushmills 21yo 'Madeira Finish' (40%, OB, Code 24150/2013, 700ml, 2013)
Robert Karlsson, Immediately attractive baked oranges, sherrywood and nice dried red fruits in here. Some heather and gooseberries, rhubarb? Complex and intense. The taste is big on red currants, heather. Old styled vanilla. But also thicker riper style in here. Big whisky. Special.
Bushmills 16yo (40%, OB, Bourbon and Oloroso casks, then finished in Port Casks, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Heavy on berries, almost jamlike. Mainly on blackcurrants, vanilla. The berries grows and grows with time. Dominates. Taste is a bit weird, on berries also, increasingly dominantly so. Taste is a bit young, a bit edgy. Not entirely natural. Hm. But given time it's OK.
Bushmills 10yo (40%, OB, Bourbon and Oloroso casks, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Dry dusty maltiness. Malt silo, hardbread. And some sourly tones on top. With time hints of red berries arrive. Quite roundish, kind maltiness with red berries in the aftertaste.
Yellow Spot 12yo (46%, OB, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Nose on laid-back milk chocolate. A little bit sourly. More on berries with time, and more chocolate. Has character. Taste more on berries than suggested from the nose. Nice wild strawberries, pleasant oily vanillaish mouthfeel. With time also blackcurrants and distinctly bourbony mouthfeel.
Green Spot (40%, OB, NAS, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Strong nose, immensely so on sourly bourbon wood and alcohol. A bit offensive but calms down with time. Taste is fortunately more on a berried style. Wild strawberries. Slightly edgy, but only so in the aftertaste.
Powers 12yo 'John's Lane' (46%, OB, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Quite compact nose here. On malty sweetness, but difficult to decipher. Some mandarins, low-key berries, spices. Taste mirrors the nose. On maltiness, mandarins, berries in the aftertaste that becomes more and more dry. Feels young around the edges.
Powers 'Signature' (46%, OB, NAS, 750ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Nice candied mandarin peels on top of a slightly dryish woodiness and spices. Needs quite a bit of time to open up, but it does, more on fruits of the good ripe sweet kind. Taste initially a bit rough around the edges, is it a bit smoky - probably not? Dryish, but still fruity. Dry mouthfeel and quite lively.
Powers 'Gold Label' (43.2%, OB, NAS, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, This is a young nose, on plums or something else weird and chemical. Clearly edgy, some overripe maltiness. Oily. Hm, not really whisky-like anywhere I'd say. Lots of alcohol in the taste. And this plum-like oddity is big. This feels like a young brandy or something, not a whisky. And not to my tastes at all.
Jameson 'Gold Reserve' (40%, OB, NAS, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Pretty hefty sweet and spicy fruits. Also on candied oranges. Approachable nose, nice bourbon style. All that with time, initially closed. A bit smoother, rounder than expected. Somewhat bourbony aftertaste, on "plain" vanilla. More obvious with time.
Jameson 'Select Reserve' (40%, OB, NAS, Small Batch, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Buttery maltiness. Slightly sharp. Canned apricots. Very round oily taste. Then on those apricots, or similar fruits. Special taste here, but not entirely natural I'd say.
Jameson (40%, OB, NAS, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Sweet mandarins, some oily vanilla, thick on those fruits. Calms down considerably with time. Taste in balance with the nose, big fruits, of the slightly unnatural kind. Thick sweetness.
Redbreast 21yo (46%, OB, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Massive on older active bourbon wood. Blackcurrants, fruit, buttery. Big and very intense nose on that obvious bourbon wood. Very intense domination on blackcurrants and old style vanilla. Licorice? Borderline too much but thick and pleasant with a little time. So dominating and special. Definitely too much for many I'd guess, but not for me.
Redbreast 15yo (46%, OB, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Very strong alcohol here, (over)ripe fruits, apricots?, not entirely fresh. Young? Nervous and edgy nose I'd say. The style is also in the taste. Clearly so. Youngish oily mouthfeel, on overripe maltiness. Really odd whisky, if whisky. Not really my style here. Does improve quite clearly with time however. Calms down on berried vanilla and citrus.
Redbreast 12yo 'Cask Strength' (58.6%, OB, Batch B1/12, 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Quite gentle nose, is it cucumber? And a whiff of laid-back sweet maltiness and dried fruits. Quite closed nose. Even with water. Tastewise much bigger than expected from the nose. Almost fiery, and a dark spiciness. Cumin? Cardemom. Candied mandarins. But not overly heavy.. the aftertaste is with time big on buttery thick vanilla. Some little odd note here, can't put my finger on it.
Midleton 'Barry Crockett Legacy' (46%, OB, NAS, Single pot still, triple distilled, American bourbon seasoned and unseasoned, 2011)
Robert Karlsson, Nice chocolaty nose here. Intense nose, bourbon inspired. Berries also. Ought to be high in ABV. Taste considerably roundish, tasty. On chocolate, mild notes of berries. Kind vanilla, oily. Tasty. Grows on berries in the aftertaste. Elegant and pleasant.
Midleton 'Very Rare' (40%, OB, 2013, 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, A biggish nose, quite packed full of ripe fruits. High intensity, on wooden spices, a bit thick bourbony vanilla hides in there also. Actually also a little rummy in style. Arrak? Intriguing nose for sure. Taste equally complex. Lots of many things in here. Dominated by the rummy notes however. Not bad, intense!
Midleton 1997 (59.5%, OB for La Maison du Whisky, D29/10/'97, C#7102, 228 Bts., 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, A musty feeling here. On old books, leather, whiffs of tobacco. Slightly earthy with some berries hiding below. Special nose. With a little water it grows on a rather completely dominant bourbony woodiness. Taste surpisingly lively and potent on this clearly bourbony thicker vanilla. The darker notes arrive only at the end. A bit unexpected. Clearly woody at the end also. Truly packed full of intensity for sure.
Bruichladdich 21yo 1991/2013 (55%, Blackadder Raw Cask, D23/10/'91 B08/'13, C#3047, 282 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, A kind vanilla, a bit buttery. With time a bit drier, harsher. Gooseberries? Clean nice vanilla, no longer of the buttery kind. Drier, green apples and a fresh maltiness. White peppery, and is it some peat in the aftertaste? Refreshing dram.
Mortlach 23yo 1988/2012 (56.6%, Blackadder Raw Cask, D24/11/'88 B09/'12, Refill Sherry Butt, C#4741, 562 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Round raisin-inspired nose here. Very round actually, not much speed in there. And lots and lots of raisin-domination. Speedier taste definitely. I get hints of rum in here, or even more than hints. Arrak? Quite dominant taste here, chewy.
Smoking Islay (59.9%, Blackadder Raw Cask, B07/'13, C#BA2013/449, 318 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, A nose by the ocean. Seaweed, salty, slightly smoky, fresh. With water some nice fruits appear also. Quite excellent taste. Good intensity on all the right things. Love the freshness, the saltiness and great smoke. This one is a prime example.
Smoking Islay (55%, Blackadder, B06/'13, C#BA2013/450, 386 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Distinct white smokiness, coastal. Quite pristine. Classic peat style here. So white peppery, and so smoky. Fully mirrored in the taste. One tasty peaty fellow this one. Fault-free and so drinkable.
Peat Reek (60.6%, Blackadder Raw Cask, B07/'13, Ref PR2013-3, 216 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Attractive smokiness intermingled with toffee and milk chocolate. Also fruits in there. Quite a bit of alcohol at first tasting. Fiery for sure. With water rounding off nicely on smoke-domination and that intriguiing fruitiness. Not bad this one.
Nikka 'From the Barrel' (51.4%, OB for La Maison du Whisky, NAS, 50cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Some special slightly sweet-sourly bourbony thick vanilla. Also on dried red fruits, raisin? Candied oranges. Big bold nose. Big taste also. Quite in balance with the nose. Quite thick on wood influence, bourbony vanilla although it's full of drier fruits. A bit odd bird, but quite enjoyable.
Nikka 21yo 'Taketsuru' (43%, OB for La Maison du Whisky, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Ripe sweet fruits. Papaya? Melons? Orange marmelade definitely, thick. Really thick. Compact and attractive. Some spices in there also. Taste in full balance with the nose. But even sweeter, and the fruit transforms into even more tropical hues. This is seriously drinkable. Round. Not so long, but oh so tasty.
Linkwood 1997/2013 (45%, Gordon & MacPhail for La Maison du Whisky, D30/11/'97 B08/'13, Refill Sherry Hogshead, C#10811, 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Immense raisin overload in here. Christmas cake, raisin, raisin, raisin, sliightly sweet sourly. So dominant. Some pleasant dark sugary notes below the raisin bomb-mat. Attractive nose, perhaps one-dimensional at first but I really don't care. I'd say the taste has more depth. Lots of raisin and fat sherry influence. And then something difficult to describe, OBE? And pleasantly so without any hint of sulphur or off-note. Hm, really so massive on clean christmasy notes. Perhaps some hint of spent matches in the aftertaste, but it doesn't disturb.
Yamazaki 1993/2012 (57.5%, OB for La Maison du Whisky, Sherry Butt, C#3T 70070, 300 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Serious sweet-dry-sour (?) sherrywood here. Heavy, potent, dominating completely on dried fruits. Dark sugar, perhaps even surypy, so intense. Absolutely silly on raisin. Exciting. Wow, taste massive on a rather excellent sherrywood influence. A bit sourly but really without any off-notes. Concentrated reduced raisin in the aftertaste. Dry, bitter at the end. Love the extremeness.
Kavalan 'Solist' (57.8%, OB for La Maison du Whisky, NAS, Sherry, C#S060821049, 512 Bts., 70cl, 2013)
Robert Karlsson, Serious special nose. Cherry overload. On coffee, black tea, still round. Rather extreme, this one has spent a few months in a cask I'd guess. Very rare style, on massive wood, but still round, the bitterness has almost evolved into something else. Fruits in there also and lots of them. Seriously complex and winey. Hm, wow! Taste is also, wow! What on earth is this? Huge complexity on so many things, leather, coffee, dried fruits, cherry kernels, still round and attractive. So special. What an experience to drink this one. I love it.
Mosstowie 35yo 1973/2012 'Artist #2' (54.3%, Signatory Vintage for La Maison du Whisky, Sherry Butt, C#7621, 562 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Ripe sweet berries, intermingled with an equally ripe sweet vanilla. Attractive nose. So intense taste. Really reduced sweet berries, fat excellent non-tiresome vanilla, dried fruits, and also some tropical stuff in there. And in intense doses. This is a serious dram folks.
Karuizawa 1983/2012 'Cocktail Series' (62.1%, OB for La Maison du Whisky, C#8597, 282 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Rather lovely distinct notes of oranges intermingled with an excellent vanilla tone. Also some buttery special fruits in there, is it red grapefruits? Something along those lines. Promising nose here for sure. Very powerful, strong! Wonderful fruits and so intense. Fantastic notes of oranges and vanilla. This is a seriously good dram. Improves nicely even further with time and a little water.
Karuizawa 39yo 1973/2013 (67.7%, OB for La Maison du Whisky, D12/'73 B07/'13, Ex-Sherry Cask, C#1607, 138 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Thick quite perfect sherry influence. No off-notes that disturbs anywhere. Great spices, on cardemon, cinnamon. Just pure good stuff, quite rare these days. Wow, taste is so intense. Lots of wood, all the spices and so big on sherry influence. Quite excellent indeed and a pure-bred sherry monster.
Yoichi 1988/2013 (62%, OB for La Maison du Whisky, D14/06/'88 B08/07/'13, C#100215, 427 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Lots of wood influence here, and a rather oppressive alcohol content. Water! Rounds of very nicely with a surprisingly small amount. Big on nice chocolate, dried fruits and fudge. Massive taste, so much wood influence. A bit rough, wildly peppery. Lots of dried fruits, cherry kernels. Dry, wooden aftertaste. A quite challenging but rewarding malt. Wait a little and it'll grow even more on you.
Kavalan 'Sherry Oak' (46%, OB for La Maison du Whisky, 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Ultra-massive sherry influence. Attractive, so dark, complex, slightly sweet-sourly. Cherries. No offnotes. Bigg. Dry bitter taste, on coffee, leather. Fernet in the aftertaste. Sweet-sourly. So massive, bitter and overpowering. A real treat.
Glenturret 35yo (47.5%, Berry Bros & Rudd for La Maison du Whisky, C#25, 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, A bit flowery and distinctly malty, dryish. Opens up on more sugared fruit with time, and the maltiness abates. Taste on red berries, (much) sweeter fruits than expected. Well-rounded and approachable.
Longmorn 16yo 1996/2013 (57.3%, Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Collection for La Maison du Whisky, D01/05/'96 B21/08/'13, 1st Fill Sherry, C#72321, 620 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Big on candied oranges, dark suryp, some restrained notes of sweet-sourly gunpowder influence. All the oranges and the rest is present also in the taste. Gunpowder of the good kind in the aftertaste. Not bad anywhere.
Laphroaig 16yo 1996/2013 (48.4%, Douglas Laing Old Particular for La Maison du Whisky, D10/'96 B08/'13, Refill Hogshead, C#DL10002, 323 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Distinct smokiness, with hints of a nicely berried vanilla. And tar. Salt licorice? Coastal I'd say. Nice powerful taste, all on the coastalness, smoke, leather, saltiness. Add some cured meat to that. The berried vanilla is not big in the taste at all. Good one here.
Clynelish 1996/2013 (57.1%, Berry Bros & Rudd for La Maison du Whisky, C#6421, 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Slightly burned sherry influence, darker malty sweetness. On dark suryp, yet strangely towards a bitter style. Complex promising nose. Big oily somewhat sooty taste. The sooty smoke contines especially in the aftertaste. Special darker dried fruits also. Very special taste here I'd say.
Ledaig 1997/2013 (46%, Gordon & MacPhail Reserve for La Maison du Whisky, D23/10/'97 B08/'13, Refill Sherry Hogshead, C#461, 318 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, A not quite pleasant nose greets us here. Hm, a bit of cooked vegetables mixed with something sulphury. Add a sprinkling of dried fruits which helps it somewhat. Hm, but still. Taste is equally strange here. Lots of smoke, and some odd spices (cardemom on dope?), and then that sulphury, malty note. Nope, this one is not for me.
Glengoyne 1972/2013 'Angel's Choice' (46.8%, Malts of Scotland, D09/'72 B01/'13, Bourbon Barrel, C#13009, 124 Bts., 35cl)
Robert Karlsson, Very big exotic ripe fruitiness. On papaya, red grapefruit. Candied citrus, lime. And oh so nice intensity. Great nose. Yes, this is straight down my lane. The ripe ripe exotic fresh eucalyptusy fruitiness. Old Caperdonish, Clynelish, Banff. Gah, awesome, what's this!? Awesome. Yes.
Littlemill 1988/2013 (52.1%, Malts of Scotland, D04/'88 B07/'13, Sherry Hogshead, C#13035, 185 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Attractive spicy dark style. Distinctly lively, fresh and intriguing. On dark fruits and dark spices (cardemom). Nutmeg? Excellent dark chocolate, toffee. Yummy nose. Doesn't improve with time, however. Becomes weird on dominating cereal tones. Taste along the same lines but not as fresh and intriguiing as the nose hinted at. The aftertaste is slightly gunpowdery. This one should not wait in the glass, deteriorates badly.
Bruichladdich 2002/2013 (55.2%, Malts of Scotland, D05/'02 B04/'13, Bourbon Barrel, C#13026, 235 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Quite some maltiness at first, but below the surface ripe nice sweet fruits. A bit tantalizing really. Some cacao also. The fruits dominate the taste. Spicy sweet thick ripe ones. Quite yummy indeed. Rounds off nicely with water. Good both with and without extra water.
Port Charlotte 2001/2013 (57.5%, Malts of Scotland, D12/'01 B04/'13, Rioja Hogshead, C#13027, 358 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Stingy white smokiness. Intense and a bit sharp. Coastal styles too, saltiness. Full spicy excellent easy-going smokiness here. Pristine, coastal, and quite excellent indeed.
Old Pulteney 2006/2013 (57.5%, Malts of Scotland, D10/'06 B06/'13, Sherry Hogshead, C#13033, 124 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, A bit restrained here. Dryish wood, not bad but rather incognito. Improves greatly with time, on sherry style of the better style. Taste is big on wood influence, dried fruits. Lots of sherry influence of the drier kind. Nice and tasty indeed.
Aberlour 18yo (43%, OB, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Light maltiness dominates. Rather laid-back and nondescript. Oranges with time and a bit surprisingly also raisin. Round drinkable taste. Really round, oily. Lots of raisin in the aftertaste which is rather long. Tastewise quite light.
King Car (46%, OB, NAS, Kavalan distillery, Taiwan, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Edgy young nervous style, chemical, alcohol. A little vanilla, odd riper fruits. Hm. Some soap? Taste is also edgy, but better than the nose. A bit slimey vanilla, odd bird. Needs water and will open up. Some cinnamon at the end.
Big Peat 'Christmas Edition' (54.9%, Douglas Laing, NAS, Ardbeg, Caol Ila, Bowmore, Port Ellen, 700ml, 2013)
Robert Karlsson, Immense peatiness here. And lots of alcohol I'd guess. Some pears, hints of butter. Thick, yet fresh. Albeit youngish feel. Might need some water I suspect. A bit harsh taste, on cartloads of peat and an oily malty sweetness. Some vanilla. A bit edgy, youngish, but nothing wrong anywhere I'd say.
Glendronach 12yo 'Original' (43%, OB, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, This is a rather unique nose, I'd say quite clearly towards OBE. Rare rare.. is it mushrooms? A bit musty. Difficult to find words. Special for sure. Taste is also on this what I'd call OBE. Almost impossible to describe this taste. But round spices, a bit dour perhaps. But rather lovely. Round, easy to drink, but special. Is the word.
Lark 'Cask Strength' (58%, OB, NAS, Sherry Cask, C#486, 500ml, 2013)
Robert Karlsson, Big on sweet-sourly fruits, sherry overload? Dates, raising, figs, the whole kit. Tastewise as expected. Serious sherry-infusion almost. Huge on dried fruits, but of the slightly sourly kind. Massive taste and massive aftertaste. This one is pretty mean, and pretty good too. It doesn't feel very old but so big!
Sullivans Cove 2000/2013 'French Oak Cask Matured' (47.5%, OB, D14/07/'00 B01/05/'13, C#HH0392, 510 Bts.)
Robert Karlsson, Nice sweet berries, almost candy-like. Some darkly styled spices on that. Dark suryp? Nice nose. Powerful taste on spice domination. Berries and sugar-coated oranges with a meaty end. Round and very drinkable.
Campbeltown Loch 21yo (46%, OB, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Attractive milk chocolate. Quite some alcohol and malt also. Might need some water and time. A bit darkly styled. Smooths down tastewise. There is some milk chocolate, some malt, some alcohol. But it's rounded off and in rather small doses. Makes it a bit bland? Still not bad in any way.
Sullivans Cove 2000/2013 'Double Cask Matured' (40%, OB, D21/10/'00 B16/01/'13, Casks HH0131, HH0137, HH0213, HH0523, C#DC063, 1398 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Ripe big fruits, on apricots and mandarins. Enjoyable amidst spices also. Taste in balance, spices, ripe fruits. And perhaps also drier fruits (raisin). Easy to drink this one.
Glenlivet 37yo 1974/2012 (46%, Berry Bros & Rudd for, C#5247, 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, A bit restrained nose here, on bourbon-wood, vanilla, dry maltiness. Quite fresh, some red berries, and sweeter fruits below the surface, in low concentration. Elegant and complex I'd say. Taste in balance with the nose, but bigger. More concentration on the berries, and the maltiness grows in sweetness. This combined with an oilier than expected vanilla makes it quite enjoyable.
Imperial 17yo 1995 (55%, Berry Bros & Rudd for, D06/10/'95, Taiwan Mountain Series - Yushan, C#50347, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Hints of raisin and other drier fruits. Slightly burned style? Interesting. Nice round style, rather simple, on nice sweeter fruits and maltiness. Amongst a likeable vanilla. Kinder spices in the aftertaste and no burned notes anywhere.
Benrinnes 14yo 1998 (54.6%, Creative Whisky Company Exclusive Malts for, D09/09/'98, 1st Fill Sherry Butt, C#999, 689 Bts., 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Attractive orangey sherry style here. On dates, raisin, but not overpoweringly so at all. Still fresh. Mandarins. Fruity, a bit tropically so even, ripe, special I'd say. Taste more on drier sherried classic style. Raisin. I get some riper sweeter fruits only in the aftertaste. A hybrid sherry fruit fusion this one. Not bad anywhere.
Benrinnes 28yo 1984/2013 (49.8%, Hunter Laing Platinum Old & Rare, D10/'84 B06/'13, 133 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Canned raisin, slightly sweet-sourly nose. Some christmas spices in there, but feels like a slightly failed finish? Prefer the taste. On the raisin here, and lively spices. Aftertaste again a bit sweet-sourly. Improves with a dash of water.
Highland Park 25yo 1988/2013 'Small Batch' (55.7%, Cadenhead's, Sherry Butts, 1086 Bts.)
Robert Karlsson, Thick winey hugely wood matured nose here. On massive sherry influence of the drier kind. Some spent matches in there, but very far from the eggy unpleasant kind. Gets a wee bit sourly with water, but rounds off nicely on the classic raisin style. Equally powerful dry bitter taste. Really so much wood influence here. A bit on fernet branca in the aftertaste actually. Massive massive. A dash of water will give it some much needed calming down although the spent matches stay throughout.
Glen Moray 27yo 1986/2013 (56.8%, Adelphi, C#1931, 243 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, A quite elegant nose. On berries, sweet candies, light vanilla and maltiness. A bit laid-back, not in your face. Taste equally put together. On a creamy vanilla, berries, and a light fresh maltiness in the aftertaste. Refreshing and not bad anywhere.
Kavalan 'Solist' (58.4%, OB, NAS, Vinho Barrique, C#W080225020, 192 Bts., 700ml, 2013)
Robert Karlsson, Big sherry bomb here. With rum influences. So, sherry style with all there is + quite some more + rum arrak style. Intriguing and oh so dark. Very intense taste, on a dried fruit compote. Really quite massive indeed. The nose is quite perfectly mirrored here I'd say. With a bitter bite at the end. Evil dram with lots of everything.
Sullivans Cove 2000/2013 'American Oak' (47.5%, OB, D01/01/'00 B03/05/'13, C#HH115, 240 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Quite the fragrant nose, a bit harsh bourbon wood. Sugar candies, flowery, a bit perfumed. Not entirely natural nose. Taste is a bit strange, also on the somewhat flowery perfumy nose. Intermingled with darker spices. But there's an odd note lingering all over it. With water it calms down but there's something going on here. Still tasty, however.
Glenrothes 2001/2013 (43%, OB, Checked 25/05/'01 Approved 16/06/'12, 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Oily mix of cardemom and cinnamon in low doses. Some slighly flowery notes on top. Rounds off with time. Gets more compact, more enjoyble. Taste is a bit simpler, on a sweet round maltiness. The spices arrive in the aftertaste. But a bit thin, atleast compared to the nose.
Glenglassaugh 30yo (44.8%, OB, decanter, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, A bit sweet-sourly, perhaps cognacy at first? Big dark lovely red fruits of nice intensity. Spicy dark fruits, rounded off. Quite approachable indeed. Ripe ripe. Sweet dark, luvly.
Glendronach 20yo 1993/2013 (53.6%, OB for The Whisky Agency, D15/01/'93 B08/'13, Oloroso Sherry Butt, C#4, 664 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Sulphury notes arrive at first. Not to my immediate liking... the style overwhelms all else but some dried fruits, raisin-style, hides in there also. Taste is fortunately spared actually (almost) all sulphury notes. Instead on distinct sherry style with lots of raisin. Some sulphury of the not to so pleasant style appears in the aftertaste. All in all better than expected from the nose.
Glendronach 42yo 1971/2013 (44.6%, OB, D15/02/'71 B05/'13, PX Sherry Puncheon, C#1246, 432 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Hey what's going on!? The nose here is hugely intensive. Is this whisky? Doubtful. Rum? More likely. This is one extreme baby. With a little time and reflection yes most likely a whisky. But so exceptionally huge, bitter on wood influence. WOW. What is THIS? Special special and oh so fantastically exciting. Ultra-matured sherry style here. Huge intense taste. Loads of aged bitterness, cherry kernels of the uber-concentrated kind. So much wood influence it's difficult to describe. 0.5cl is like a three course meal. Superbly exciting whisky this one.
Glenfarclas 1990/2013 'No. 17 - Alexander Selkirk' (46%, OB, B08/'13, 1200 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Some orange marmalade, but quite laid-back style. Still, nice classy spicyness in there. Grows bigger with time. Quite a bit of raisin and other dried fruit concentration in the taste. Big and bold. With water it rounds off a little.
Glendronach 10yo 2002/2013 (54.1%, OB for Kenny Hsu's Selection, Taiwan - TWRI, D20/06/'02 B06/'13, PX Sherry Puncheon, C#1513, 482 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, A little bit of barbecued ribs (?), caramellized dark sugar, hints of gunpowder and dried fruits. Nice and complex nose. Very easy to drink. Everything from the nose is here, in well-balanced doses. Lots of sherried style. Tasty indeed.
Glendronach 10yo 2002/2013 (52.8%, OB for The Whisky Fair, D19/07/'02 B07/'13, PX Sherry Puncheon, C#710, 665 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Slightly thin nose, elegant whiffs of mandarin and raisin however. But it refuses to lift. Quite some licorice in the taste, rather intense spices and mandarins again. Raisin in the aftertaste. Big taste, considerably bigger than the nose I'd say.
Glendronach 10yo 2002/2013 (55.3%, OB for Usquebaugh Society Whisky Trip 6/3/2013, D19/07/'02 B07/'13, Fresh Virgin Oak, C#1743, 312 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Sharp, edgy bourbon influence. Of the buttery thick vanilla kind. Quite dominating indeed. Alongside the loads of alcohol hiding in there. Thick, potent. Taste is intense, on loads of bourbony vanilla, alcohol. Very strong, might need some water. With water it rounds of nicely, quite attractive on the vanilla domination and creamy fruitiness.
Benriach 27yo 1985/2013 (48.9%, OB, B06/'13, Peated/Virgin American Oak Finish, C#7188, 257 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, A bit low-key nose here, on some winey notes - of the fortified kind. Needs a little time to open up and does so rather well. On sweet-sourly raisin, dates. Nice compact nose. Taste more intensely on sherry style than the nose. Quite powerful on the sherry notes which are all over. Raisin, christmas cake. Dark suryp. And generous amounts of wood. Quite enjoyable.
Amrut 2009/2013 (62.8%, OB for Europe, D06/'09 B08/'13, PX-Sherry Cask, C#2699, 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Attractive roundness, on raisin, christmas cake. Dark sugars. Chocolate, fudge. Nuts. Likeable. Taste is thick, round, full! Instantly likeable, so chewy. Excellent dried fruits poured over a nutty fudge. This is really quite excellent.
Celtique Connexion Islay 1999/2013 (46%, Celtic Whisky Compagnie, D28/06/'99 B21/06/'13, Sauternes, 332 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Sooty smokiness, a bit darker styled. Some dried red fruits in there also. Berries also, not bad. A special round slightly sweet-sourly note under it all. Intriguing. Full drinkable sooty smokiness. Nice berried vanilla mixed in. Sligthly sweet-sourly and a complex fruit compote. Not bad anywhere. Very interesting and tasty, taste.
Lagavulin 16yo 'Port Ellen' (43%, OB, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Sharp stingly smokiness, with big spices and some dried red fruits. Special, complex, aggressive nose. Calms down somewhat with time. Smoke is sootier, darker and more intense than expected. Strong one too. With added spices, not bad and quite aggressive.
Glenrothes 'Minister's Reserve' (43%, OB, NAS, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, A bit tired nose, not much happening. Some malty dryness, a little vanilla. With time it opens up a little, more on elegant hints of red berries. Well put-together taste here. Nothing dominates, but nice elegant proportions of maltiness, red berries, vanilla, spices. Round and easy to drink.
Caol Ila 9yo 2003/2013 (59.6%, Adelphi, C#301261, 285 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, So potent smoke here, on rather perfect intensity intermingled with low-key berries. Wow, ultra-potent taste also. The smoke is quite in your face but somehow still not over-the-top. Me like.
Glenrothes 'Elders' Reserve' (43%, OB, NAS, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Rather restrained nose, on kind maltiness, kind vanilla. More berries with time. Nice taste, the berried vanilla dominates. Heather. Oily malty sweetness in the aftertaste, not bad. Perhaps even vague tendrils of smoke far back in the aftertaste. I like the laid-back complexity in this one.
Singleton of Glen Ord 15yo (40%, OB, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Excellent ripe exotic fruits (papaya, gaia-melons, red grapefruit). So fruity and rich. Some eucaluptys livens it up also. Nice ripe fruits also in the taste. Unfortunately not of the same intensity but still yummy indeed. Excellent style this.
Bunnahabhain 6yo 2006/2013 (60.7%, Berry Bros & Rudd, C#800097, 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Quite a bit of overripe maltiness in here. Slight hints of gunpowder raises it a bit. And a big trunkload of white smoke. Smoke is much more prevalent in the taste. Immediately dominating, and it's a good smokiness of the whiter lighter style. Quite pristine maltiness in the background. Sooty aftertaste with time. I quite like this one.
Cragganmore 20yo 1993/2013 (50%, Wilson & Morgan Barrel Selection, PX Sherrywood Finish, C#1903-1904, 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Dry spices in here. Cummin? Oranges with cinnamon on top. Nice nose, but difficult to describe. Roundish taste, the oranges again. Aftertaste thicker, developing. On spices, dry berries and finally leather, soot. Very long and interesting taste here.
Balblair 1989/2013 'Vintage' (46%, OB, 3rd Release, 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, On canned dark fruits and thickish oily vanilla at first nosing. Calms down quickly on a fresh and green peary style. Fresh and uncomplicated Fresh, lively taste, on pears and fresh maltiness.
Aberfeldy 16yo 'Ramble' (56%, OB for The Whisky Shop, Single Cask, 643 Bts., 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Nice nutty, chocolaty nose here. Rather elegant, not in your face. Dry, ground coffee beans? Almost dusty. Quite full of character. Special dry dark taste. Imagine licking on an old chesterfield sofa. Long aftertaste, on that dry coffee. Dry aged chocolate. Single-estate fairtrade, ofcourse. Quite special, I like it. Depth and character.
Lark 'Distiller's Selection' (46%, OB, Port Quarter Cask, C#387, 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Quite a bit of nice sherryinspired style here hiding below a thick veil of nice malty sweetness, fruits and darker spices. Taste very special, and quite odd. Is it arrak and some kind of fruit jam/marmelade? Does not remind me of any whisky I've tried to date. Is it even whisky? Cherries.. hm, weird, not bad but too weird.
Bunnahabhain 24yo 1988/2013 (49.8%, Berry Bros & Rudd, Sherry Cask, C#4111, 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, A full box of spent matches must've been dropped into this bottle somehow. Really quite overpowering, hides anything else I could find here. Unfortunately also big on dark sulphury notes in the taste. Here also dark sweet-sourly fruits. Still that sulphur stops it from getting higher.. with water it settles somewhat but still. A bit sad.
Singleton of Dufftown 15yo (40%, OB, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Nice candied mandarin peels. Kind but distinct spiciness in there also. Nice vanilla of the buttery/berried kind. Taste in balance, perhaps oilier than expected. Nice fruits and round vanilla. A gentle dram.
Glen Grant 37yo 1974/2012 (47.8%, Berry Bros & Rudd, C#7643, 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Lovely intensive ripe exotic papaya and gaia-melons in here. Sweet, rich, and oh so fruity. Bold and delicate at the same time. So ripe and rich taste also. Oven baked sugared oranges, exotic melons and fruits. Eucaluptys also, seriously awesome dram.
Glenturret 30yo 1982/2013 'The Maltman' (46%, The Maltman, Meadowside Blending, D12/'82 B07/'13, Bourbon Cask, C#258, 242 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Exceptionally odd nose. It is actually vomit, and distinctly so. Ultra-overripe apricots? Very very difficult to nose. Most awful. I almost dread to taste it. On retasting the vomit has calmed down but there is a seriously odd note still in here. Chemical. Phew, what a relief. The taste is not on vomit. Perhaps a little in the aftertaste. But the nose makes this one uneasy. Taste is on riper fruits with time. But the nose, the nose!
Tamdhu 23yo 1990/2013 (52.9%, Blackadder Raw Cask, D09/08/'90 B23/08/'13, C#10928, 224 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Quite some alcohol, biting. Sweet-sourly woodiness here, rather intense nose. I'd say of bourbony thick style, intermingled with drier fruits also. The sourly notes grows with a dash of water. With some more, it rounds of excellently. Taste not as thick as the nose first suggested. With time it grows considerably. Big woody influence here. Dried fruits, still that bourbony thick vanilla in there. Thick thick. Quite exciting.
Glenfarclas 1989/2012 (56.6%, OB The Family Casks for TSMC Taiwan, B14/11/'12, C#11046, 591 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Quite the massive winey sherry influence here (or port?). Heaps of dried fruits of all kinds, dark sugars, complex and generous. Figs, dates, raisin, all of it. And in silly doses too. Massive taste, on loads of sherry influence. Rather perfect balance with the nose. About as concentrated taste as it gets. With a small dash of water it calms down and rounds off somewhat. Really big and bad sherry monster here. Well not so bad, absolutely no offnotes. Excellent stuff.
Bunnahabhain 1990/2013 '10th Anniversary Edition' (50.9%, Whisky Doris, D12/'90 B07/'13, Sherry Butt, 228 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Elegant darkly sherry inspired nose here. Laid-back, dryish. Somewhat sweet-sourly, but rather low-key I'd say. Grows on a quite clean raisin note with a dash of water. It begins also low-key tastewise, but has an interesting development. Grows and grows, and lasts quite a while. All on raisin, figs. Canned? Some spent matches at the very end, not disturbingly so I'd say. With water the matches grow however, so I'd avoid water if I were in your shoes.
Highland Park 'Svein' (40%, OB, NAS, The Warrior Series, 100cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, A bit laid-back on cinnamon-like spices and a kind darkly sweet maltiness. A bit withdrawn nose here. Taste in balance, on kind spices and a malty sweetness. Quite nice but a bit too anonymous perhaps.
Benriach 20yo (43%, OB, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Kind drier green pears, slightly fruity vanilla. Fresh, laid-back. Tasty elegant taste, fine mix of berries, vanilla and kinder citrusy fruits. Not very long but quite enjoyable.
Balvenie 12yo 'Doublewood' (40%, OB, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Some spices, some fruit, a bit harsh dry woodiness. Calms down quite a bit with time. Light style, round and easy to drink. A bit maltiness of the lightly honeyed kind.
Balblair 1975/2012 'Vintage' (46%, OB, 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Rather tameish anonymous one. On whiffs of smoke, slightly earthy and malty sweetness with mandarins. Not much else? Unsure. Elegant? Special low-key taste, on those mandarins and vague whiffs of smokiness. Enjoyable but low intensity.
Amrut 2009/2013 (62.8%, OB for Europe, D06/'09 B08/'13, Bourbon Cask, C#3437, 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Dominant wood here, perhaps of the slightly drier kind. Thick cocos and milk chocolate? The wood dominates however. Taste is all on that wood, bourbony but devoid of the thick vanilla. Feels speeded up or over matured? Hard to understand this one. Still not bad in any way, but could be better.
Edradour 11yo 2001/2012 (57.2%, OB, D23/01/'01 B26/11/'12, Barrique Finish, 303 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Sweet-spicy oranges, wood, milk chocolate. Complex and nice nose here. Improves with time also. Quite intense tastewise but much in balance. Oranges, wood-spiciness. Rather abrupt burning bourbony aftertaste. Clearly enjoyable.
Bowmore 22yo 1990/2013 (46.8%, Wilson & Morgan Barrel Selection, PX Sherry Finish, C#3321-3350, 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Very special, very big nose here. Dark sooty smoke, tar, pipe tobacco, suryp bread, dark dark. Smoky stout? And nothing short of fantastic intensity and complexity. Extreme taste. Huge on that dark sooty smokiness and the rough yet approachable spices, tobacco and leather tones. Evil one this. Add dried red fruits to the aftertaste. Wowsie. Fantastic.
Edradour 15yo 1997/2012 'Straight from the Cask' (55%, OB, Moscatel Finish, D19/11/'97 B21/11/'12, 441 Bts., 500ml)
Robert Karlsson, A bit dour nose, farmy. Some harsher wood also. Dark maltiness. Not really fresh. Some whiffs of smoke also? Intensely spicy taste, lively and peppery. Intermingled with darker stuff. Cinnamon? Leather. Drier fruits in the aftertaste. Long. The taste is considerably better than the nose.
Longrow 11yo 'Red' (53.7%, OB, 6yrs refill bourbon, then 5yrs Australian Shiraz casks, 9000 Bts., 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Excellent chocolate intermingled with potent smokiness. Really quite special. Under the surface, tar, licorice. Exciting rather superb nose. Taste mirrors the nose nicely. Attractive sooty smokiness, tar, and those chocolaty notes. At the end, berries. So enjoyable.
Edradour 7yo 2006/2013 'Vintage 2006' (59.2%, OB for TWE, D01/06/'06 B03/09/'13, Oloroso Matured, C#240, 452 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Somewhat stingy nose here, quite some alcohol but with a dark undertone of dried fruits and wood. This one might need some water. Doesn't really want to open up, when it does it's on a sweet-sourly style. Lots of raisin. Nice. Wood influence is immediate in the taste. Dry, cherry kernels? Thickish... raisin, figs. Enjoyable chewy oily aftertaste. With time a bit on bourbony vanilla amongst it all. Very tasty.
Glenlivet 16yo 1997/2013 (46%, Signatory Vintage Un-Chillfiltered, D03/09/'97 B18/09/'13, Sherry Butt, C#123456, 742 Bts., 750ml)
Robert Karlsson, Rather excellent on the sherried side of things. Thick marmelade, figs, raisin. Nice spices. Immediately enjoyable. Equally enjoyable tastewise. Really fully loaded on excellent sherry notes, completely devoid of offnotes or anything nasty. Christmas cake, raisin. Leather? Tobacco? Maybe. Complex. Ought to have some age, the aftertaste has a biting nice bitterness.
Kavalan 'Solist' (57.1%, OB, NAS, ex-Bourbon, C#B080616080, 210 Bts., 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, A rather clean classic vanilla nose here. With lots of alcohol.. hints of berries with time, but needs water surely. Grows on thickness and berries with time. Taste is fuller, bigger, rounder, than expected. On a berried attractive vanilla, a bit buttery. Grows distinctly on the fullness and berries (blackcurrants) with time and water. Quite attractive I'd say.
Balvenie 12yo 'Single Barrel' (47.8%, OB, less than 300 bottles, C#12759, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Initially a bit dourly styled maltiness. Bready.. but a buttery vanilla note hides in there also. With a little time it transforms completely into a dry pear bomb. Much more attractive than the initial closed maltiness. Pears all over the taste. Dry, fresh. Peppery aftertaste. Quite refreshing indeed.
Glenrothes-Glenlivet 18yo 1994/2013 (46%, Cadenhead's, 642 Bts.)
Robert Karlsson, A rather standard malty nose here, amidst some darker spices. Cinnamon? With time fresher, on green pears, a bit citrusy. Taste pretty flawless, on pears, maltiness, tasty and with a quite lively aftertaste.
Laphroaig 15yo 1998/2013 (60.8%, Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Collection for The Whisky Exchange, D22/09/'98 B23/09/13, Refill Sherry Butt, C#700393, 551 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Big on fresh wood, amidst fiery smokiness. With time thicker on dried fruits and spices, more approachable, less on harsh wood. Really quite the big malt here. Strong, intensely smoky, spices on cardemom styled spices. Gets some needed calming down with a dash of time and water. Feels young, but good.
Balmenach 24yo 1988/2013 (54.4%, Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Collection, D18/10/'88 B03/04/'13, C#2794, 238 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Dry maltiness. Cereal, on porridge, all-brans? Some alcohol in here, stings. A bit sweet-sourly. Opens up on fresh fruit with some water. Taste also sweet-sourly, on malt domination. Some citrus, lime perhaps. Some fudge with time. With water considerably more pleasant. Sweeter fruits arrive. Dumps it a few points.
Glengoyne 18yo (43%, OB, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Dark toast, slightly burned, perhaps some raisin. Quite non-descript. Easy to drink, on berries mainly. Very round vanilla. Uncomplicated.
Lagavulin 1991/2007 'Distillers Edition' (43%, OB, PX finish, lgv 4/495)
Robert Karlsson, Violently smoky, and quite some sulphury dried fruits thrown in. Aggressive nose, not the most well-balanced. Time is a must-have here, that calms it down considerably and the odd notes on sulphur goes away, thanks for that. Quite some dark smokiness in here. Pipe tobacco, tarry, thickish. Especially in the aftertaste. But also dried sweeter fruits. Complex and intense. And clearly enjoyable.
Talisker 1996/2008 'Distillers Edition' (45.8%, OB, Amoroso finish, TD-S: 5KW)
Robert Karlsson, Quite some wood in here. Fresh plank from the saw house. Well, perhaps not, but almost. With some honey poured over it perhaps. Tastewise not on the wood, rounder than expected, should not be high in ABV. Still honeyed. Perhaps with a slightly perfumed finish, somewhat flowery. Quite enjoyable taste here, a bit of character, some smoke in the aftertaste also.
Benriach 10yo 'Curiositas' (46%, OB, Peated, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Nice sooty smokiness. Briny, salty, tarry. Licorice, nice. And fruits in hiding. Still delicate. Powerful dark sooty taste. Big oomph, fresh citrusy fruits in the aftertaste. Seriously tasty beast here.
Kornog 'For The Auld Alliance' (58.7%, OB, NAS, Glann ar Mor Distillery, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Distinct on tar pastilles of the finnish kind (the real deal). A bit stingy, and some kind of doped cardemom style. At first. Then suddenly all on an immense milk chocolate style. Weird. Special nose for sure. Taste also on cardemom and tar, but not over the top. Special and unique style, what could this be? And likewise here, with time, it transforms into chocolate. Which improves it.
Isle of Jura 23yo 1989/2013 'Heavily Peated' (57.6%, Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Collection, D17/12/'89 B10/05/'13, C#30708, 196 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Quite stingy, lively, strongish. Dry maltiness dominates, a bit closed at first. Opens up on nice fruits with water. Nice taste here. On rather excellent fruits, lively spices and an oily mouthfeel. Long aftertaste.
Clynelish 1998/2012 '10th Anniversary Edition' (53.9%, Whisky Doris, D05/'98 B11/'12, C#7736, 155 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, A rather thick style of cooked vegetables, you know overly malty kind. This style is not really to my liking. Taste also on the cooked style. White peppery at the end but the somewhat cloying sweetness haunts it throughout.
Highland Park 'Einer' (40%, OB, NAS, The Warrior Series, 100cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Elegant mandarin peels, light spices. A bit darkly spiced, intriguing and sweeter with time. Bigger dry taste, on spices. Bites a little in the aftertaste. Quite short but tasty. Calms down - a bit too much? - with time.
Inchmurrin 16yo 1996/2013 (62.8%, Master of Malt, D18/11/'96 B07/'13, 428 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, A rather calm elegant sherry-domination lurks in the nose here. Slight hints of spent matches, but of the (very) good kind. Perhaps also leather and licorice? Very promising nose. Whoa, taste is not quite as elegant. Big big wood-derived spices greet you here. And dark bitter chocolate, leather, sooty tobacco. This is a mean gentleman. And very enjoyable.
Craigduff 40yo 1973/2013 (49.6%, Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Collection, D04/04/'73 B04/04/'13, C#2516, 616 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Rather lovely sweet ripe fruits here, not overly ripe however. Also a honeyed malty sweetness. Nice nose. Grows in freshness, eucalyptus style with time. Truly attractive fruits in the taste, here it's riper. Sweet melon, papaya? Attractive, with spices in the aftertaste.
Tamdhu 10yo (40%, OB, Sherry Casks, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Christmas inspired nose here. On figs and raisin. Perhaps some dark sugar, slightly rummy. The christmasy notes appear also in the taste. Quite long aftertaste also, on raisin domination. Enjoyable.
Ardmore 12yo 1986/1999 '100th Anniversary' (40%, OB, Centenary, 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Maltiness the cooked vegetable way. Canned figs and raisin, sweet-sourly.. not the most approachable nose I'd say. Nose in balance with the rather pungent nose. This is too much of the maltiness and the cooked vegetable style for my tastes.
Springbank 12yo 'Cask Strength' (50.3%, OB, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Special low-key nose, quite elegant complex fruits of different kinds. Grows on spices with time. A bit yammy also, blueberries? Quite tasty indeed. Compact and well-composed, elegant dried fruits, nice fresh malty sweetness. Good clean spices.
Tomatin 1991/2013 (51%, OB for TSMC - Taiwan, Oloroso Sherry Butt, C#31742, 667 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Thick on intense candied oranges, nice big sherrywood influence. Lots of darker spices, serious nose here. Taste in full balance with the nose. Lots of sherrywood, massive baked oranges. Wildy spicy at the same time. Quite impressive and without any offnotes. Excellent hint of tropical ripe fruits in the aftertaste.
Talisker 'Storm' (45.8%, OB, NAS, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, A bit thin, tendrils of white smoke. A bit bland maltiness thrown in. Quite coastal, and fresh. Hints of seaweed. Nice nose. Very oily mouthfeel, and drinkable. Thin smokiness, coastal style. Invigorating despite its oiliness. Not bad.
Inchgower 18yo 1995/2013 (50%, Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask, D01/'95 B08/'13, Sherry Butt, C#HL9983, 242 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Hm. Sugared blackcurrants? Also slightly chemical, could be some alcohol involved here. Rather dry style. A bit non-descript. Taste a bit darker, more dour than expected. Strong. A bit doughy bready, suryp-loaf?, maltiness in the aftertaste. A bit tired?
Glenglassaugh 'Evolution' (50%, OB, NAS, Ex-Tennessee Cask Matured, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Distinctly malty, a bit on canned vegetables. Some alchohol in there also, a little nervous, a little young. Very intense taste, quite some alcohol yes. Cereal, hardbread? Light hardbread possibly. Malt, and shortish.
Armorik 10yo 2002/2012 'Millésime' (56.1%, OB, Warenghem Distillery, D25/02/'02 B05/'12, Oloroso Matured, C#3261, 748 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Salty licorice, quite some darker maltiness, figs? Whiffs of smoke? Riper fruit with some water. Nice complex nose. Lots of licorice in the taste also, sooty, darkly smokey. This is an interesting whisky for sure. And tasty. Special salty licorice all over here. Nice spices lasts quite a while.
Clynelish (50.6%, That Boutique-y Whisky Company, NAS, batch #2, 319 Bts., 50cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Lots of eucalyptus here, mint, and whiffs of smoke. Also clementines. Interesting nose. With time it develops quite clearly on toffee and milk chocolate. Taste is reminiscent of everything from the nose. Though the smoke is hard to find. But a fruity sweetness, eucalyptus and malty sweetness dominates. Improves with time.
Arran (49.4%, That Boutique-y Whisky Company, NAS, Batch #2, 459 Bts., 50cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Thin, on tendrils of malty sweetness of the gentle kind. Slight slight red berries in there amongst a virtually non-existent vanilla. Sleepy, obviously. Fortunately more awake tastewise. On the rather crisp maltiness, and white peppery aftertaste. Quite lively, enjoyable, subtle and tasty yes.
Caperdonich (45.7%, That Boutique-y Whisky Company, NAS, Batch #3, 120 Bts., 50cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, A nose of vinegar chips greet me here. Not everyday that happens. Interesting.. hints of green pears. But feels kind of chemical. These notes settle down with time and it becomes much more regular, on maltiness. No hint of neither vinegar nor chemical offnotes in the taste. Just a quite classic malty sweetness, with nuances of spicy baked oranges (especially after adding a dash of water) and hints of berries thrown in.
Caperdonich 35yo 1977/2013 'Small Batch' (50.2%, Cadenhead's, Sherry Butt, 384 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Quite the massive sherry wood influence here. Round, thick, complex and inviting. Bodes well. And delivers superbly. This is sherried whisky at its (almost) best. Massive sherry wood influence of the classic style, without any offnotes, round big and powerful. Christmas cake, darkred dried fruits. Real taste explosion.
Ben Nevis 21yo 1990/2013 (46%, The Maltman, D09/'90 B02/'13 - LABEL SAYS 21YO, C#23, 312 Bts., 70cl)
Robert Karlsson, Rather non-descript nose, on slightly honeyed maltiness. Dryish vanilla. Deteriorates a bit with time, more dryness, more nervous and malt. Taste on maltiness, of the more cooked style. A bit thick, cloying? Some fruits also, but not too fond of this style.
Highland Park 'Harald' (40%, OB, NAS, The Warrior Series, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Dry light cardemom. Barbeque spices in low doses. With time the maltiness grows. Taste also dominated by spices, lively and enjoyable. Maltiness takes over with time, not of the overly pleasant kind unfortunately but still not a bad dram.
Tullibardine '500' (43%, OB, NAS, Sherry Finish, 70cl, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Quite a bit of raw bourbon wood. Sharp, stingly, but also fresh, lively. On dry apples and ultra-clean vanilla. Sawdust with a little time, not too pleasant. Taste is simpler, on a clean maltiness and anonymous vanilla. Strongish. White peppery end.
Singleton of Glendullan 12yo (40%, OB, 750ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, A bit dour dark maltiness at first, perhaps a bit earthy. Nutty. Dryish. Raisin? This style lowers with time, and a rather elegant berried note replaces it. Immediately drinkable, of the smooth round style. Honeyed malty sweetness, oily mouthfeel. And kind barely discernable berries in the aftertaste. A gentle dram for sure.
Bladnoch 21yo (52.9%, The Whiskyman for The Bonding Dram, 118 Bts., 70cl, 2012)
Robert Karlsson, A dryish maltiness here. On hardbread. Quite crisp, a bit uninspiring however. Heavy on the pepperiness, some berries and hints of sweeter fruits also. Freshness dominates.
Glendronach 'Cask Strength' (55.2%, OB, NAS, Batch #2, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Quite a bit of maltiness in here. Some orange peels also. Improves - and rounds off - greatly with time. Nice milk chocolate tones also. A few drops of water rounds it off really nicely. Tasty milk chocolate domination here. The slightly (very slightly) disturbing maltiness from the nose is gone. Excellent taste really.
North British 50yo 1962/2013 (53.3%, Douglas Laing Director's Cut, D12/'62 B04/'13, Refill Butt, C#DL9783, 150 Bts., 700ml)
Robert Karlsson, Lots of spices, dried complex fruits. Berries also, nice. Licorice and quite lots of it. Interesting. Promising. Very intense on the spices, complex dried fruits. Licorice and perhaps some whiffs of tobacco, especially in the aftertaste. Quite dark style and very enjoyable.
Armorik 'Double Maturation' (46%, OB, NAS, Warenghem Distillery, Breton Oak and Sherry Casks, 700ml, 2013*)
Robert Karlsson, Intense nose, lots of fruit. Hm, is that hints of cheese? Special nose, for sure. Intense taste, loads of fruityness. Tasty, yet a bit odd in its intensity. But it's good.