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Port Askaig 10yo 2011/2021
Konstantin Grigoriadis, 90
Amrut 'Amaze II'
Krishna Nukala, 89
Amrut 'Amaze I'
Krishna Nukala, 85
Port Ellen 40yo 1979/2019 'Casks of Distinction'
Krishna Nukala, 91
Ben Nevis 21yo 1996
Johannes van den Heuvel, 88
Macallan 25yo 1979/2005
Craig Daniels, 81
Distilled at a Speyside Distillery 1993/2014
Robert Karlsson, 84
Glen Keith 21yo 1991/2012
Robert Karlsson, 84
Tomatin 35yo 1976/2011
Benjamin Chen, 88
Tobermory 1972/1995
Benjamin Chen, 91
Convalmore 24yo 1978/2003
Benjamin Chen, 89
Glendronach 38yo 1972/2010
Benjamin Chen, 91
Strathisla 1967/2012
Benjamin Chen, 91
Longmorn 1973/2012
Benjamin Chen, 86
Glenlivet 1961/2012
Benjamin Chen, 88
Lochside 22yo 1979/2001
Benjamin Chen, 88
Springbank 21yo 1967/1989
Benjamin Chen, 90
Tactical 23yo 1982/2005
Benjamin Chen, 90
Caol Ila 1969/1985
Benjamin Chen, 94
Laphroaig 28yo 1967/1995
Benjamin Chen, 92
Port Ellen 17yo 1970/1987
Benjamin Chen, 94
Glenugie 30yo 1966/1996
Benjamin Chen, 92
Ardbeg 17yo 1973/1991
Benjamin Chen, 95
Glen Garioch 40yo 1971/2011
Benjamin Chen, 90
Caol Ila 15yo (1985*)
Benjamin Chen, 93
Caol Ila 18yo (1978*)
Benjamin Chen, 90
Royal Brackla 15yo 1972/1988
Benjamin Chen, 89
Old Fettercain 30yo 1972/2002 'Fettercairn 1824'
Benjamin Chen, 89
Ardbeg 27yo 1973/2000
Benjamin Chen, 91
Macallan 1958
Benjamin Chen, 92
Ardbeg 1966/1987
Benjamin Chen, 94
Caol Ila 36yo 1965/2002
Benjamin Chen, 92
Glenlivet 1967/1993
Benjamin Chen, 87
Longmorn (1985*)
Benjamin Chen, 92
Dalwhinnie 27yo 1966/1993
Benjamin Chen, 86
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Port Askaig 10yo 2011/2021 (59.9%, Speciality Drinks for "GWA, The Greek Whisky Association", Sherry Butt, D01/'11 Bxx/'21, C#301629, 70cl)
Amrut 'Amaze II' (50%, OB for SMAC, Bangalore, Second of Amaze Series, 248 Bts., 750ml)
Amrut 'Amaze I' (50%, OB for SMAC, Bangalore, First Private Club Bottling in India. First release of the Trio of Amaze Series, 120 Bts.)
Port Ellen 40yo 1979/2019 'Casks of Distinction' (44.4%, OB, Dist. 13/03/1979- Bottled 26/09/2019, Signed by Distillery Manager Georgette Crawford, C#1883, 78 Bts., 700ml)
Ben Nevis 21yo 1996 (52.8%, Various Independent Bottlers, Single & Single, Sherry cask, 500 Bts., 2018)
Distilled at a Speyside Distillery 1993/2014 (50.3%, Whisky Doris, C#1794)
Glen Keith 21yo 1991/2012 (51.9%, Whisky Doris, C#89645)
Tomatin 35yo 1976/2011 (51.4%, The Whisky Agency, Refill Sherry Wood, "Moody Lion", 313 Bts.)
Strathisla 1967/2012 (43%, Gordon & MacPhail)
Longmorn 1973/2012 (43%, Gordon & MacPhail)
Glenlivet 1961/2012 (43%, Gordon & MacPhail, George & J.G. Smith's, 70cl)
Springbank 21yo 1967/1989 (46%, Signatory Vintage Dumpy, Btl No 181, C#3139, 600 Bts., 75cl)
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Ben Nevis 21yo 1996 (52.8%, Various Independent Bottlers, Single & Single, Sherry cask, 500 Bts., 2018)
Johannes van den Heuvel, Nose: A powerful sherried profile with all the classic traits; wood, raisins, lemon sweets and fruit cake. Some dusty notes in the background that add to the complexity. A citrussy prickle in the top of the nose. More late summer fruits after adding a few drops of water. Hint of honey. Over time the citrus grows stronger. Taste: Very sippable at slightly over 50% ABV. Quite sweet with the faintest hint of smoke. Undiluted, it starts off powerdul, softening up a lot after a second. A very long, succulant finish. The palate benefits from a little water. No added complexity, but smoother with more pronounced tannins. Score: 88 points - this benefits from breathing in the glass - and will brobably improve in an opened bottle.
Macallan 25yo 1979/2005 (50%, Douglas Laing OMC, 331 Bts.)
Craig Daniels, Nose: Flowers, vanilla, lemon cheesecake and digestive biscuits. Palate: Malt biscuits, hint of citrus. Hot and a little coarse, not as refined as a 25yo should be. Finish: warm and slightly metallic. Comment; no obvious distillery character could have come from Craigelllachie, Linkwood or Glen Elgin.
Kavalan '"Solist" (Peaty Cask)' (54%, OB, for Whisky Live Paris,, C#R070507001, 114 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Rich, restrained smoke, some fruits. Complex. Concoction of dried fruits. Some organics like green juices.Lots of enriched sweet notes. Faint armpit sweat- that vanishes in a whiff.A dash of water enriches all the said notes.Dry almost like tannins. Very sweet and mild smoke returns on palate. some chlorine too and spicy. Finishes very long with some smoke. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Benriach 17yo 1998/2015 (48.9%, OB, for TWE, PX Sherry Finish., C#7758, 704 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Good organics on first note developing into dried fruits. Some butter scotch. Creamy.Excellent palate. Delicious but some what dry. Lovely satisfying long long finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Caol Ila 9yo 2004/2014 (58.5%, Gordon & MacPhail, For TWE, Refill Sherry Hogshead, C#30655)
Krishna Nukala, Restrained smoke and peat, some florals- after a gap of time, the peat and smoke intensify. Very briny,hemp cord. On palate- intense smoke and peat return with sweet and heavy oily notes- Big bomber of a peaty finish that is everlasting. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Laphroaig 16yo 1998/2015 (59.9%, Signatory Vintage, For TWE, Refill Sherry Butt, C#700389, 585 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Brilliantly enjoyable sweet smoke and peat. Sweet licorice- brine and hemp with lots of sea weed, iodine etc. Delicious. Lots of sweets and spices, Very smooth with an everlasting peaty and smoky finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Slaney Malt 23yo 1991/2015 (59%, Adelphi, Ireland, C#8585, 134 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Well made whisky. Nice fruity notes with quality wood from rear;nice vanilla notes like ice cream or butterscotch. Some green grass juices and organics. Excellent delicious palate. Very sweet and round, lovely finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Edradour 14yo 2000/2014 (56.8%, OB, For GI Jane, , C#2033, 674 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Sweet nose. Very rich and luxuriant. Complex sherries with lots of dried fruits. Hint of lactones like baby food. Demerara sugars. Very sweet, delicious, Round with complex fruits. Exceedingly long dried fruits finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Edradour 11yo 2002/2014 (58.5%, OB, For GI Jane, Sherry Butt, C#1211, 991 Bts., 50cl)
Krishna Nukala, Lots of sweet notes. Very fruity, almost like dry fruits. Complex. Good wood with varnish.lots of sweet fruit candies.Fudge.Malty like Ovaltine. Very mild smoke. With a few drops of water you get that old leather. Very complex palate. Very sweet and some spices. Fudge and other sweets return on palate with a bang. Exceedingly delicious and long long finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Bruichladdich 'OC1' (65.4%, Speciality Drinks, Elements of Islay, Octomore, 50cl)
Krishna Nukala, Tincture iodine. Lots of indoles. Fahrt like. On palate very sweet. All the nose characteristics return. Cinnamon finish with peat. Exceedingly long finish. Bold whisky! MMA 2015 blind tastings
Arran 9yo 2005/2015 (57.8%, OB, For LMdW, Sherry Hogshead, C#2005/037, 312 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Malty, lots of dark fruits jam, sherried, , mild smoke, On palate- very delicious, sweet and full bodied, lots of spices and dried coconut, Spicy long finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Drop of the Irish '"CS"' (59.9%, Blackadder, Black adder, C#DI 3/2015, 316 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Smells like young spirit right out of still. Lots of green juices- Synthetics- Reminds me like that Wasmund's match-stick whisky a few years ago. Very hot and spicy. Leaves with a bad mouth feeling. MMA 2015 blind tasting
Laphroaig 12yo 2002/2015 (50%, Douglas Laing, OMC Refill Butt, C#11511, 332 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Lovely smoke and peat. Heavily salted nose. With a gap of time, you get sweet sugar candies.Some indoles…Intense peat, smoke and kerosene finish that is everlasting. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Arran 18yo 1996/2015 (50.5%, The Single Malts of Scotland, Puncheon, C#896928, 624 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Nice smoke and lots of florals. Complex heavy nose. Lots of fruits. Heavy oils. Candied fruits,sweet smoke playing truant.Demerara sugars on palate, exceedingly sweet, smooth and mildly bitter finish that is very long. MMA 2015 Blind tastings
Finch (42%, Various Independent Bottlers, Hofgut Aglishard, White Wine, Sherry Pipe Finish, 729 Bts., 50cl)
Krishna Nukala, Unagreeable green grasses- lots of herbal and old fashioned ayurvedic medicines- Like that karakkai.- on close study, you get those raw cumin seeds - Whether this is Whisky at all? Looks like a whisky matured in a weird french wine cask. 2015 MMA blind tastings
Finch 2007/2015 'Barrique 8' (42%, Various Independent Bottlers, Hofgut Aglishard, 50cl)
Krishna Nukala, Excellent complex nose, good wood with varnish, sweet fruity notes,On palate- it is very agreeable. Very sweet and syrupy, more complexities. Round and nice spicy finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Amrut '"Peated"' (62.1%, Blackadder, BA Raw Cask, C#BA20/2015, 182 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Nondescript. But strong nose. Fresh and crispy. Faint smoke with a drop of water.Dry. Salty and almost like tannins. Very hot and spicy. Some smoke and peat on palate. Very hot and long finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings.
Benromach 10yo (43%, Gordon & MacPhail, for Jodi Best)
Krishna Nukala, Smoke, salty and peaty. Heavy complex and engine oil nose. Ashes and chalk. Lovely palate. Scores heily only for taste. Delicious. Brilliantly enjoyable whisky.MMA 2015 blind tasting
Speyburn 26yo 1988/2015 (52.3%, Berry Bros & Rudd, C#2114)
Krishna Nukala, Wet smoke. Heavy, rich nose. With salts. Nice lemony citrousy nose. Fennel and anise seed. Spicy, sweetish, in fact very sweet. Although not very long finish, but very enjoyable. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Bunnahabhain 26yo 1987/2014 (46%, Berry Bros & Rudd, C#2787)
Krishna Nukala, Bonfire smoke. Lots of esters. Like you get from the fermentation tank. Citrous and lemony notes. With few drops of water, it opens up into smoke bomb. Very round, full bodied, sweet and peaty. Very smooth and sweet long finish.MMA 2015 blind tastings
Glenfarclas 19yo 1994/2014 (58.7%, OB, Oloroso, C#3913 & 3914, 556 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Typical sherry bomber. Lots of oak wood.Dried fruits and oriental spices like cloves, nutmeg etc. Christmas cake with lots of nuts and dried fruits like, raisins, prunes and all other dark fruits. On palate it stars with some dryness. All the dried fruits return with an explosion. Exceedingly sweet with some tannins. Everlasting sherried finish . MMA 2015 blind tastings
Chieftain's Collection "Speyside" 22yo 1990/2012 (46%, Chieftain's, First Fill Sherry Butt, C#5162, 693 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Dried fruits concoction Spices like.Nutmegs, cloves and dried fruits like, plums, raisins and dates.Black currant jam,Bloody sweet and delicious fruits return on palate. Exceedingly long and finishes with lots of fruit jams. Exceptional whisky. MMA 2015 blind tastings
Clynelish 18yo 1996/2014 (52.7%, Various Independent Bottlers, Whisky Agency, Refill Butt, 360 Bts.)
Krishna Nukala, Bitter green grass juices. Mild bonfire smoke. With drops of water some complexities evolve. Fruity, Sugar candies. Dry palate. Very sweet. Round and smooth.Exceedingly delicious finish. MMA 2015 Blind tasting.
Santis 6yo '"Formosa"' (50.3%, OB, For Aren Trading Taiwan,Old Beer Cask, Sherry Finish)
Krishna Nukala, Cumin seeds,fennel, anise seeds etc…herbal like Ayurvedic medicine- Lovely palate. Very sweet and round bodied- is it a whisky or a chartreuse? Or some weird wine finished whisky? But funny and interesting.MMA 2015 blind tastings
Benriach 17yo '"Septendecim"' (46%, OB, Peated)
Krishna Nukala, Blatant peat and smoke. Lots of sweet esters in the rear. Creosote, burnt tar. Very sweet on palate. All the characteristics mentioned on nose return on palate. Very long smoky and peaty finish. MMA 2015 blind tastings