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Jim Beam 'Distiller's Masterpiece'

(50%, OB, New Charred Oak and ex-PX Sherry Casks, 750ml)
Average Score: 85
Bottle Profile
TypeWhiskies of the World
Bottler Official Bottling
Brand NameJim Beam
Year Bottled2016
Bottling NameDistiller's Masterpiece
Alcohol By Volume50%
Other DetailsNew Charred Oak and ex-PX Sherry Casks
Average Score85

Maniac Ratings
Rich Howard85

Tasting Notes
Rich Howardon the nose, the PX influence is immediately apparent, with ripe raisin, fresh prune and overripe plum, then unexpectedly some pink bubblegum and/or cotton candy, a touch of anise, a squeeze of grilled orange, ending on some charred wood with a dash of wood spice. the palate is a bit more nuanced than the nose, the sherry less dominant, more toasted wood and citrus apparent here, then a combination of sweet licorice and unsweetened raisin and cranberry, a touch of anise and plenty of wood spice, wood char and a hint of sweet, overripe plum lingering on the finish, way in the back of the throat, along with plenty of tannic oak. with a drop of water, the heavy raisin on the nose softens to more of a sweet herbal liqueur, plenty of slightly-overcooked caramel corn, followed by more slightly-overcooked caramel corn, maybe even a touch of butterscotch, a waft of fresh mandarin orange against a backdrop of dry corn cob and sawdust. the palate, however, is sweeter now with raisin and hints of ripe plum, but also more wood spice and drying, wine-soaked oak tannins which take over mid-palate and dominate into the finish. another drop of water, and we have sherry wine and citrus-soaked wood fighting for control, burnt popcorn and herbal tea lingering in the background. this is an enjoyable whiskey, and certainly unique. the PX influence quickly takes center stage and never quite yields. it's bottled at 50%, and with enough water, you can start to balance the wine and the wood. still, as a single malt enthusiast who loves sherried whiskies... i actually wouldn't mind a little more expressiveness from the bourbon itself.